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Andy A Aug 13
Oh I wish
Oh how I wish
I could wind my life back
To any one of those times
When I only thought
Things were so hard
Andy A Aug 12
Well to tell you the truth
I've got nothing much left to say
You talk about freedom
I just wanna get away
You keep on talking
My mind keeps drifting away
I wish I could remember the things
You used to say

Well I've heard this story  
'bout a thousand times before
It starts off with freedom
And it ends in a ****** war
No-one really knows who's keeping the score
But no ones really winning

Well I heard you in a room
An' you sounded so fresh and new
I heard you in the stadium
You sounded so strong and true
I followed you down to the riverside
I drank that wine, I saw that light
But the water was cold
Like the long dark night
This is actually a song, but I thought I'd put it down here as a poem. I originally published it on youtube as a song, on my youtube channel at swift73ify
Andy A Aug 12
Sleep won't come
I try to find
A place to be in
Streetlight shines
Through my window
The perfect rain
Falls again
Andy A Aug 12
There's no misery
Quite like mine
Made in my image
By my design

I keep on pouring
This angry wine
The  twisted pleasure
From a poison vine

A twice brewed venom
Long in the vault
Aged to perfection
Down an open throat
Andy A Aug 12
How long must I labour
At the fuitless vine
That twists round my heart
Have I not yet dug down deep enough
To pull every rotten deep embedded strand
That claws it's way back up to find
A cold light that can never warm
Did I not make a law
This wretched valve shall pulse no more
And out upon this time-lined shore
No salted streams shall ever pour
Andy A Aug 12
The night flows on like a black river
And sleep is for angels
I'm here 'til the morning light
Breaks my window

There's food on the table
Gold and Silver in the vault
But I'm hungry and broke
Lying here in the lonely night

Nothing breaks the silence
'cept the rain in the cold streetlight
My heart is on the road
Beating out of sight
And I'm staring through the shadow
Of another sleepless night
Andy A Aug 12
I've been looking for that place
A little comfort,
Like a spot beside a river,
Or a quiescent lake.

I don't know when I lost it,
Or where it went,
I wasn't there at the time.

I was somewhere else,
Running down frantic corridors

I must have past the door,
To that place,
A million times,
Moving too fast,
To see it there.

And now it's not there at all.
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