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Rup Aug 20
She smiled at me as she passed me by
I started smiling too
I caught her looking back at me
So thought I'd follow through
I'm glad I did, it changed my life
That simple little smile
And now that lady is my wife
I share a love so true
Its something very special,
What a smile can do for you!
Rup Aug 20
If only I had noticed, I could have stopped the pain;
If only I had stopped things when I knew, it might have made a difference;
If only I hadn't closed the door,
If only I had followed through,
If only I had taken that chance,
If only I had said no!
If only I could do it all again, it would be different now,
If only I hadn't interfered,
If only I had told her how much I loved her,
If only I hadn't told anyone about it,
If only it were true,
If only I had..........

If only...........
Rup Aug 19
His meaness had hidden depths, his bullying uncontrolled
A passion to destroy you, his cruelty was untold
You took it all from dusk to dawn, for years you cried in vain
But then you had enough of him, and could no longer take the pain
The names, the jibes, the anquish, the destruction of your mind
The solace you took to hell and back, you left it all behind
Your life returned and full of hope, the door no longer closed
You've left behind the bully boy, his life was now exposed.
His mask has slipped but he feels no shame as he scans the road ahead;
A victim he will charm no doubt, as he takes her to his bed.
But rest assurred you bully boy, your pleasure will be short,
For as you have already noticed, bullies do get caught!
Rup Aug 19
Lonely days,
Nights on Broadway.
I started a joke,
I was alone,
I gotta get a message to you;
If I can't have you,
I surrender,
I can't see no body.
Don't forget to remember,
Time is passing by.
Come on over,
Run to me,
Let me love you; Loving you inside out.
How can you mend a broken heart,
The echo of your love;
More than a woman
I could not love you more,
Reaching out,
You win again.
The titles of many songs by the Bee Gees carry powerful messages, and I have put together a selection of my favourites to tell a story through their words.
Rup Aug 19
How can you mend a broken heart
Don't throw it all away
Listening to the fears that haunt my mind
Just breezing through the fog

You'll never see me walkiing there
Not when the game begins
So check that step, take a gentle pause
With every breath thats yours
You can turn it around in so many ways
Some people drift there life away
While others simply dream
And tomorrow is another day
So if you have to choose a path, choose mine
And we'll take the train to nowhere
Through the path of time.
Rup Aug 19
As the snow falls to the ground
The children are at play
Its cold
I cannot move
I cannot speak
Blind to all around.
And then there comes that winter sun
As I slowly melt away
The end is near
But I may come back
On another winters day
And stand alone again
I am the snowman.
Rup Aug 18
You wear it well;
The very thought of you
A reason to believe.
I wouldn't  ever change a thing

The way you look tonight
I only have eyes for you;
Love and be loved,
You are everything
Tonight I'm yours

So much to say
In my own crazy way.
It's all over now,
I don't want to talk about it
It's over.
Every line is the title of a Rod Stewart song from one of his many albums.
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