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Never a careerist, but human for sure,
Haven't picked up a dumble, but genuinely humble
Attack me i will resist
With peace and love, not being a RACIST

You see my skin and tag it with colour
Black brown or white! it's  pornographic
Platonic, we share in FAMILY
Where i smile  in humanity....

Do not trouble me, with your God
Ram,  Christ , Buddha or Mohammed
Let me stay happy on my own
Be away from me, if you need bargain.....

No expectation, i was in dreams
You come in disguise as a nationalist.
Your kiss is  venomous on my lips
That is not love girl, you are opportunist...

**** me if you want
I keep chanting my chant
Brotherhood or **** errand
Power not to be smelt, from your wallet....
South bound wind shivers the spine
Dream i live on, "youth divine".
"Power" of evil, brutal thunder
Distant rays, in the horizon.

Will the chime sing to heal?
Oppressed, protest in biting cold
Birds don't wake you anymore
A bullet may torn your soul

Revolution, the calling comes!
Verdict, whatever may be
We continue to be united
Love, peace and serendipity.....
Rana roy Jan 5
I love the idea of a virtual place to share intellects. A place where no personal attack takes place like FB, TWITTER etc, however classical criticism is always welcome for literary works.  A poet is a vestibule between meta and readers..hence rudeness, fight, copyright infridgement, grey marketing etc has no place here ......if ever possible we will meet in person in this hackneyed world to share more beautiful moments, poetry, and peace
Rana roy Jan 2
Guess I’m. “Riders on the storm”
“All my blue sky” is turned grayish black
“Wish you were here” chants my mind
“Time” is ticking away on the clock.

“Hey Jude”, where you ought to be
Is “China grove” your destiny?
Path is blocked by “The wall”
Comes “Desolation row”, through rusted chimney.

“Stir it up”, “no woman no cries”
Wounded you, “Stand up for your right”
“I shot the sheriff”, deputy disappears
In the “White room”, child curls in fright.

Leisure ushers when I’m “Comfortably numb”
“I’m a blind man”, bullets succumb
“Soldier of the fortune” I wait to be calm
“Great gig in the sky”, love returns.
Rana roy Jan 1
Ashes in horizon,  blurry eyes.
Hazy you, silence cries.
Love over gold, diamond shines
Touch of the brush, painter divine...

Kiss is at stakes, winter dries
Moon fathoms sun, feels the agony
Bones are cold, heart is fried
Have i loved you? Or just tried

Longing for you, for long, forever!
Feels unequal, in lines of the ledger.
Toxic epoch rides emotional lader
Me within I, a motionless rader.

No direction home, Bob sings at ease
Lonesome hobo, some dimes in hip.
Mountain to the sea, he never creeps
Flickering candle, empty bottle weeps......
Rana roy Dec 2019
Folds are to be unfurled.
Unleash the untold
Lies to be tarnished
Truths to get scrolled.

Homeless to get shelter
A safe, cozy, warm bed
Hungers to be fed
With milk, butter and bread

Beast and savage attack
We shield fearlessly
Powerful to be desisted
Poor’s live gallantly

Find the wretched leaders
Ask relentlessly for the rights
Don’t leave the thugs easily
Pride and prejudice, in fright.

May someone gets killed
Or someone loses his arm
We will not appease any
Wash out, parasites and germs.
This is a protest against all the powerful leaders of the present world who are in a destructive mode.....Not happening because the world is a beautiful place to live, for everyone.....Love and peace
Rana roy Dec 2019
A pipe full of green.
Smoke! oozing to oblivion
Showering green blessings
Vision hazy, blue rain calling

No moral works. Soul sacrifice
Fusion in horizon, synchronized grip
Friends and foes, appear in dream
Blurred uncanny voices, echoing

Relentless journey, leech ***** the blood
Rich remain rich, poor dies in flood
Cluttered society, incoherent patriotism
Voice is choked, strangulated…….
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