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AR Dec 2019
Chalti hu, par kahan jaa rahi hu pata nahin
Roti hu, par kya wajah hai pata nahin
Saas toh le rahi hu, par maksad kya hai pata nahin
Sab paas toh hai, par akeli kyu hu pata nahin
Thak gayi hu khud se khud ki jung mei,
Aisa kyu hogyi hu main pata nahin

AR Sep 2019
"Khud ko thoda waqt do,
Agar Bikhra hua Dil,
Ek pal mei judh jaata,
Toh Kahaniyaan,
Apni ahmiyat kho deti!"
AR Aug 2019
A man held her with certain strength,
As tears of confusion ran down her face,
He knew in his heart this girl was special,
And with that he vowed to give this child a place in his heart.

The man had been with the girl through thick and thin,
Through blood cuts and ugly bruises,
Through smiles and tears,
Through screams of anger and shrieks of laughter.

This man had not only kept his vow to that newborn,
But did so much more,
Only a man like him could his love,
So unselfishly.

AR Jul 2019
In those pretty moments,
When our eyes meet across the crowded hall,
And we look at each other,
As if it was all you could see.

Just as breathing quickens,
And pulse speeds up,
We realize that they didn't even,
Need a key to set our hearts free.

Its always the lil things you know,
First dates,
First time tour fingers entwine,
Random brush of shoulders,
The oozing chemistry when we stand too close!

The adorable blush on our cheeks,
That requires to hid when he
Catches you staring at him,
The extra nanosecond of holding each other's gaze,
Oh My! The longer than usual smile that follows.

Its those precious little things that,
House all the magic!
Its those little things where,
The spirit is calm and the chaos of,
Life is outside!


— The End —