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Charley May 2019
Sculptured Abuser

I’m six years of age and you abuse my body. I’m a child with a fragile body still developing. And you know that but It doesn’t faze you at all.

I’m silly with my school friends. A child heart, Silly brain, I'm sometimes clumsy with what I do
That's just being a normal six-year-old
I’m still learning the basic facts of life, when I’m with you I’m silent and frightened. Does it ever occur to you that one day someone will capture you doing your actions?!

In my mind I would believe what you’re doing to me is the normality of being a guardian.
You know it’s not.
I don't know it's not
But in some ways, I know it's not

The fearful sculptures of you glued into my head
I shouldn’t be seeing you in that way. If I told you, you would enjoy it- if I told anyone they would think I'm making this up: stereotypical thoughts of humans- children like to make out their own stories.
I probably would need psychological help and for a child myself that shouldn't be necessary

I’m not an adult so I shouldn’t be feeling this pain and I shouldn’t be feeling you’re body onto mine.
How does that really feel?!
How does all of this really feels like?!

When I close my eyes it’s not pretty it’s not sunshine and daisies. And unicorns and rainbows. It’s YOU!
Sculptured abuser. If I had to draw a picture of you I would draw a Clown- And not one of them funny clowns either

Midnights have a way of releasing you out of you’re mental cage. Influence of an ugly smell when you're on top of me and not even that when I'm close to you I smell it, it's so dreadful when I taste you're snaked slithery tongue it startles me, makes me want to bite it so you can stop
I will never understand why you treat me like this.
I find it cruel that you even think of me in this way
A ****** predator is your name

You have no idea that this will mess up my physical image of myself and you’ll be messing up my mental mind. Physiological I'm already messed up because this has been going on for years. Abnormalities of a child's mind are playing, building happy memories and watching cartoons.
Defiantly NOT
Getting Abused by their own fathers

Clearly you don’t care!

I’m a child who should be respected not torchered in the way you do to me. Laying in this bed letting you have you’re way with me isn’t what a child should be allowing a parent to do. Isn't something a child should be fearing from

It’s tiring and exhausted that I can’t live a normal life. Especially at night time when I should be fast asleep.

How do you live with you’re self! I truly wonder.
I wonder was this your childhood life too?!
If so no wonder, you would think this is okay
Pretty messed up if you ask me.

Sculptured Abuser
Don’t pick me up from school let me have peace and quiet while travelling to and from school. These alone walks are refreshing- even in school it's safe
You take every chance you can get to be alone with me and to have your way. That's why you jump to the gun went taking me to school and not the others

Why me?!

***** Abuser you should be loving me dearly and giving me hugs to say you love me.

It’s super funny how you have no shame in what you’re doing behind close doors.
‘OH, you won’t be laughing when prisoners have their way with you’. I'll be one laughing

As you know buying me chocolates and talking to me in a creepy way it haunts my nightmares. It haunts me!

Don’t look at me with them spooky evil devil eyes.

Sculptured abuser, I want you to die!
Everypain you will be suffering it will be worth it
And there will be no hand to be searching out for no one will rescue you

You’re a natural abuser and always will be.
You’re funeral will be cold no tears
It will be lonely
This is what you deserve
The faces what you'll be seeing is the faces of the victims you abused.
In my future life to come
I always see you as my
Sculptured abuser
Not my beloved Father
Charley Apr 2019
A mothers promise

9 months of waiting couldn’t of came fast enough, 10 pushes sweat and happy tears you came out. Red face, tiny features. You're mine for life.
Bringing you home was a joy I was staring at you for ages jumping at every moment you made.
My life turned upside down. In a good way.
10pm you let out you're the first cry for food I watched you **** the first fresh milk out of me it was beautiful
While you was asleep I wrote down my promises for you.

I promise you shelter from ugly weathers.
I promise you thousands of hugs and kisses.
When you feel scared at night and you need comfort I will always be here.
I promise you emotional support when you get upset over silly things or when the real problems are weighing you down when you're older I'll plan out a way to help you.
I'm giving you the time to grow into a blossom, Which I know you'll bloom nicely .
My ears are open to hear every problem you'll be facing on the scale to 100 I will solve them for you.
I promise you happy times ahead. Maybe another sibling to keep you company.
I'll be catching your tears.
I promise to secure a safe path for you when you start making choices.
I would never abandon you even if I wanted to, I couldn't control your life ill leave you to wonder the world yourself.
My promises are unconditional and forever will be.
Charley Apr 2019

His a Earth stone in an unusual way. His mind works like a reverse clock.
His ability to love women it shows without saying, Every look he gives its serious and every smile he expresses its telling you that you can trust him.

His a cannonball in bed and his filthy rich. His rich charms are to die for, Every man should take after Grayson.
He has his own company what he built from a deep creek lifestyle. He fossils with his thoughts whilst sipping on his Hennessy on a lonely weekend, while attending an important meeting he knows how to play the part.
He postures around in a granite grey suit, his **** smart business outlook on him shows strength.

Super Talent with his expertise with everything he does. No one can fault him. He sails round to get rid of the stress.
Privacy is like a closed book he won't open it to anyone.
His down to earth with a dim grey twist to him. He likes being alone it comforts his mind.
Doing spiritual meditations helps him step deep into a pearl river. His got a calm personality which everyone fears.
He anchors his anger with a fierce force so he don't challenge himself.

He's very social with everyone he meets. His firm conversions enhance making friends so quickly.

He never lets his friends down his always on their side whatever they need, he would shadow them forever.
Although his rich he doesn't lead the rich lifestyle.

His charcoal past dusted his dreams away from him, no one wanted him to be successful (becoming his own Bussiness man).

Grayson is a thin smoke from the ashes of steel. He's untouchable.
He irons out his selfishness with people who doesn't like him, Well matured to know when someone is playing him.

He doesn't need to touch women to ****** them. He seduces them by saying his name and by showing them his body. Which he knows that women are going to pebble back to his ****** passion.

His body would cloud out you're memory and once felt it there's no choice but to feel it again.
Physically fit with masculine man features it can be hypnotising without going near his body. His body could be everyone's mouth topic.

His Graystone heart fills every part of him. His a daring character. Some might say his dangerously insane.
He symbolises his culture by expressing his beliefs. Powerful structure of Grayson.

I'm saying this Guy would forever change your life.
Yours surely would change.
Charley Apr 2019
Future wife

I've seen you in person you haven't seen me yet, I know who you are.
You've got stargazing eyes I can't wait to look at them every time we get close. I wonder what it would be like to hold you.
How you like to touch?!

From the moment we become man and wife (MR & MRS)
I'm going to be all yours, you can tell me what to do. I will cater you in every way you want me too.
I'm going to hold on to our love forever.

You're body moves like the ocean its catches me and I want to drown in it, sink deeper into each ripple of the water.
When we make love it will feel special. We will become one heart.
You just don't know all of this - plus you don't know how much love I will give you.

To you, I'm a stranger but to me, I'm your husband.
It's crazy how I think of the future with you. And the humble moments with you is what I will cherish forever.
I will be counting on the days, months and years till you become my future wife.
Charley Apr 2019
Ballet Dancer

Broken expensive ballet shoes which have been abused by her heavyweight strides. Swollen bones in her toes isn’t what she thought of.  She’s always wanted to be a ballerina.

Bruised knees she feels the  pain every time she walks and feels it more when dancing.

******* hair into a perfect small bun sits on top of her head with modern pins. Princess looking tutu balances nicely around her waist.

Ghost white face, dark eyes appearance is key swan beauty while gliding on the stage lake.
She’s on a high.

Fluttering like birds ready to take flight. Fluttering arms like wings greeting the crowds.

Enchanting music scares the lights to become brighter. Glittered outfits see-through tights what fits nicely. Ready to set the stage.

The romance between female and male dancers has to be strong and they have to synchronise  with eachother. The male dancers take control over the female's body as she moves delicately around him.

En-pointe while stretching her fragile legs, wobbly limbs and weak touches while massaging her sore feet. Signs of giving up can never come to mind. This is her passion.
She’s sacrificing everything.

Painful satin ribbons tightening her blood circulation there’s no escaping a ballerina’s life.

Naked toes touch the floor before sliding them into her new shoes.

While dancing she feels free alone in her mind nothing can go wrong.
She's light like a feather, petite bodied shape she's perfect.
Rosie looking cheeks she's nervous. She's mirrored every arched pirouette so it has to be the best.

From a hard pirouette into a plié, she knows that's the most important part of the performance.
She can't fail.
Can she?

Her strong poses, while he lifts her leg in a perfectly straight line, pointed toes has to show off her feet. The attitude between her and her partner is occupying the crowd.

Every ballet dancer cries out to be the best that's why they compete with each other. Achieving success is what every dancer feed off.

She's risking her health for this moment, she's damaging every inch of the body in ways she couldn't of imagined.
Every morning she tells herself she was born for this.

Tired eyes, early mornings with late night yawns.
Difficult choreograph's to learn.
But she's flying towards her dreams.

She's an artist at heart
A performer by night
It's worth being a ballet dancer.
Charley Apr 2019
Abusing cycle

Black and Blue face, Red marks on my body. This is the normal life for me.
People wouldn't believe.
Day in and Day out it couldn't get any worst.

His smirking at every teardrop I cry out, secretly I pray for a better outcome for me. His mentally insane and his friends can't see it.
I don't feel safe in my self.
I don’t feel safe round him.
I'm scared at every sound he makes.
I'm crying for help.
No one catching the signs I'm showing.

Fake appearances at family events, make up covers the shame and Saves worried faces. Saves family pretending they care. Hiding my hate for him was easy.
Gets me emotionally sick when I have to stand next to him and pretend.

He's a devil in disguise.
I'm his amusement park.
His fair ride when he's bored.
Alcohol is his excuse to become violent towards me when times feel rough for him.
It's also the main excuse for him to get out of the house.

I'm his punching bag for his excitement.
His ******* for his friends.
My battered body is damaged from inside and out. He has no idea because I hide it very well.
But really I'm crying out for a sign of escape and a healer.
I hide the lonely side of how I feel.
I've outgrown my enemies.
I can't show weakness towards my husband if I did he’ll abuse and abandon me even more.

If I was underwater and I needed a hand he would make me drown multiple of times.
I'm his house pet.
I'm eating scraps out of the unwashed bowl.
I'm begging for freedom when I silently shout for it and in my prayers.

If I could win a way to get back at him I could.
More like I would which in my heart I should and crawl out of this
Abusing Cycle.
Charley Apr 2019
Body Blue

My raw Navy heart is the reason why I’m standing still today, lifeless counting on how many beats per second, per mintue I lose count.

Bluish Indigo veins Sapphires my whole body from head to toe.

My Sky blue brain housed its self still in a solid skull with independent nerves electrocuting each active movement.
Invisible light bulbs switch on when the self-taught mind thinks for me while floating in Aqua fluid.

The prison rib cage will never be shattered it’s holding me upright It will never be damaged out of its place.

My continuous love for you will change my heart rhythm from a raw Navy to Midnight blue.
You will never break it into millions of Royal blue diamonds. Just to satisfy the cruel side of you, so
Cherish this moment blue as I will never mix well with blood and the different shades of you.

— The End —