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Will I recognize myself
After the crying stops

My body is alive
Without my knowing

I'm back on the subject of war
Was I there

This is a time of great confusion
Which of us are really in reality

The Four Year Fandom
Is putting on the squeeze

I don't want to remember
But I haven't forgotten
I saw death in your eyes
My child
In pain, the heart cries
Your mother
To give birth and to give you away
Has stained our hellos and our good-byes
Rachel Rickerman Dec 2019
The necropolis
city of the dead
A grave
Walking above
Rotting below

Broken turns beautiful
The form dissolves violently
Death removed from her all that she was not
And her essence remains
Sacredness found in sorrow
Peace in the unrest

Nature came to know itself thru her
Nature rejoices in her
Rachel Rickerman Dec 2019
The cold is making me numb
These people you know are dumb
Why are they talking to me?
I am flat as an iron board
Dry as a drink of Sherry
Mixed as a deck of cards

Go find the one I use the most
Can I **** off you like a host?
I am the game you gamble for more
I walk through walls when I can’t find a door
Send me your spare keys
I will take it all like a smashing set of thieves

Why won’t you play with me?
I don’t need you to turn up the heat
You drip all over me like *** under the sheet
You know I am the maiden the mother and the crone
Still you look up to me and see that I am Stone

Picket your signs for the protest
You may serve at my behest
Lingering long when I want you away
Running around when I needed you to stay
Craft me to be your favorite beer
Drink me down hard as long as it's not here
Rachel Rickerman Nov 2019
On that night
We fell out of the Stars
Onto the over-turned Earth
From that night on
We would be known as
The Children of the Purple Light
Rachel Rickerman Nov 2019
Tercet #1
Mired eyes revealed your life was ending
Vacant cries came before the death was over
Frozen guise made for us a new beginning

Tercet #2
Body pulverized, oxy came in for the ****
Lungs oxidized, the machine kept you alive
Mind traumatized, nothing would ever be still

Tercet #3
Senses stabilized though family was in strife
All agonized because of your suicide
We rhapsodized upon your return to life
Rachel Rickerman Nov 2019
Twirling flowers you picked for me
so sweet
Junipers high in the quick
summer's heat
You're sweetly in age and
no time is ours
Passed you gently but
never in my arms

Your breath lingers over
my pale white skin
Closeness and apartness are
growing thin
Needing the ****** of your
motorless wings
To the reproach, that for which
my name sings

Duty destroys and
time is a begger
Please hide your eyes
from the leachy fetter
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