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Chris MacC Jun 2019
Feelings deepening
Hearts quickening
Love tempting
Voices expressing
Eyes glowing
Mind blowing
Feelings high
Eyes to the sky
Chris MacC Jun 2019
The past defines you
The future awaits you
My time is almost done
No rewind on this one
Regrets, I have many
Dreams, I have many

Change is necessary
Change is impossible
The time is now, but the fears
Looking back, so many years
How do you restart
This empty heart

There must be so many
Who can lead me to any
Any place where hearts flutter
Trying to speak without a stutter
Waking in hope and loving kiss
Knowing there's so more than this

Is it too late
To find that perfect date
Chris MacC Jun 2019
To find that love that gives back
Always building the stack
So full and so high
Still I wonder why
Always giving too much
Waiting for your touch

It's a one way street
Dancing to my own beat
Living for the day
When you start to play
Your necessary part
Topping up my heart

Stay positive
Stay true
Stay in love
With you
What does a 2 way love life feel like??

— The End —