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Yuki May 2019
i want to drown in your sound of sorrow
to try to feel something

but in the end,
there is nothing

but a soft beating, bleeding heart

that i can’t feel.
Yuki May 2019
i trace the crumble lines that running marks of you / your white words on the blank paper / i want them tattooed on my skin  black / your words etched on my skin / bleeding ink poison into my veins / i want to die by your silent worlds.
Yuki May 2019
// i want to die //

i want crumble under your soft petals of blue rose / as you kiss my pale sick skin with your ice-cold fingers / but as i reach to touch the blue moon with my bare hearts / as i set my teeth on the dark between the stars / and peer into night / your blue flowers have already withered away / you left your garden  / and i’m left to fall into the darkness of the sky again / between the stars / and to be swept by the rich colours of coming dawn

i want to die and yet...
Yuki May 2019
I can feel sounds die under my fingers
Yuki May 2019
i can’t sleep the sun is going down, down a black void filling the sky and the nightmares are here
Yuki May 2019
i’m lying on the floor / my heart crying tears of blood / crimson rain that embraces the soul / yet kills it in the cold / it hurts / dancing in my rain / that sings for you / all dreams have died / and nightmares have risen from shattered ashes / devouring all that was left of me / as you left / with my doors open / i could see the sky / i could see outside / through the spaces you left in my home / the sky paling away / the leaves falling as their colours dulled away

autumn was coming / the winter was coming / and yet all i could feel is summer / spring / in this pit of crimson tear / as i drown / with you on the tips of fingers / slipping away like everything else
Yuki May 2019
take me home / into the creeping silence / of ghosts / of death / and kiss me into sleep / i want to dream / of stars / of life / take me home / and slip me into sleep / with you in my arms / at home.
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