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Eric Jan 16
I wade among these half-dead trees
They are black and full of void
I tried to ex myself in many ways
Haven't found a way to resolve my sore
Been drowning in a poisonous  river  
Trying to dump these sixteen tons of things I thought I could ignore

I patched a scarlet letter
On my heart
I tried to make ending faster
But I heard firm No! from
My fearsome soul
So I got my doleful share
Of the things confusing
But sometimes amusing
Some of them were soothing
And at times excruciating
I've come to  some sort of  resolution
I got cursed by birth
I am the child of dirt rushing to a worm infested earth  
The Book tells people are made of mud
But everybody's made of blood and time degraded muscles
And there's a tiny bit of salt
That pours at times from the beat-up eye to
Fertilize this god-forsaken earth.
Eric Dec 2020
I detest the salty words I vapored out one of my gloomiest days
All the wind is blowing through the beaten graves
In my soul I wander places...hope abandoned
I've got slayed that fewer things I had
And  distanced us almost miles away

This cold morose angels in the night
Slowly guiding through my another winter
             Of self-made discontent
Through the damp streets of this hateful town and of it's darkest sight and
Through these street I roam for long lost innocence.

Good,morning Gods
And your cold lie
And my heart's and mind's doleful sides
I ruefully welcome wicked night
I welcome pain
To crystallize in rain
Once again
Eric Dec 2019
I rule the night
Wicked dreams
And cheap wine makes me fine

I ride the desert plaine
All strung out to relieve my pain
Lost in black among deadmen screams

I am on my own with my liquor stained eyes
I am a ***** desperado
All shook up and ready to die

I am a man on the floor
And I am a ***** mess
I am the one to find on the rock
In a midday haze

Fuelled by dollar fire
I am likely to end in hell
Can't stand the other way
Like a night against a day

Don't need meds to get me down
Once I fell off the ground
I like my ***** little graveyard
To cuddle tenderly with my darkside
Eric Jun 2019
I never knew what I wanted
Can't stand myself anymore
I opened up my wound
Bleeding,stained and sore

There's no room for questions
There's no time for anything
I want to feel something
But I don't feel anything

Never was a child
Running all these miles
Voice of god despairing me
All is done now,I can see
Eric May 2019
I've been hiding in a secret shelter
Now I found my deadly dealer
My midnight healer
Took one of those
It's my thing of choice

Laughing in a face of Death
To degrade my inner self
And stitch my bleeding cracks
My shining diamond all turned black

Come on now to a deadly kingdom
Come on now to a fake freedom
Eric May 2019
I am dying here for you
One-on-one with my deadly thoughts
And when the sun begins to die
I welcome shadows at the door

I hear thunder crystalized in tears
I've been cryin all these years
My heart is a lifeless coal
And nothing fills my gaping hole
Eric May 2019
First you kiss me,it's like a flashlight
It feels like paradise,when I hold you tight
I feel magic being right here in your arms
I just can't fight your deceptive charms

Kiss me tender,kiss me deadly
Kiss me,darling so I can't forget
I fell and I can't stand up
Just let me drink out of your loving cup

Your hair wave like a milky way
What have you done to me
I am under your spell,I can't see
What can I do,what can I say
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