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You have welcome my kiss
Upon your lips
And I have now the chance
To break you.
But after woman made,
Don't keep me only as the first
And then drop me.
My welcome host,
And now so happy there,
Has entered the rose
Of pinky flesh.

It is summer in late winter.
I am having my pretty wish.
I've a delight of pleasure immense.
I do not know how to commence.
It is so strong and quite intense.
The day appears a better can't.
And everything seems good and bright
As if a happiness I had
No human's speech could quite define.

I've a delight I happy feel.
My happiness I can't conceal.
This time I've happiness; it's real.
Elizabeth has said to me
She does love me as I her do.
My heaven, god! Oh what a glory,
That all my body feels brand-new.
A little more around the crown,
And you will see my rain.

Show me there's never been
A gladder woman
To see a man explode
With tall and sweet desire.
I love, my Love, all things of you.
The way your hair you, Darling, do.
Upon your face beauty shines, too.
And when you walk, or talk, smile.
You're of delights a paradise
That truly does my blood high rise.

I love, my Love, yours everything.
Your body all defeats the spring.
The sound I hear when you do sing.
And all the things to life you bring.
You are above all being with grace.
There is no doubt, so tells your face.
When she does dance when the night falls
And sings her songs of faithful love,
A great delight upon me falls
As if I were in heaven above.
And then, I say voice of a child,
"Her dance and song, what a great joy!"

When she does dance that dance so pretty
And sings her songs with so much mirth,
I say aloud, "Yes, charming Mary,
What glorious act did give you birth?"
And then, I shed some tears, I'm crying.
Mary's divine! I'm not here lying.
Why curse the woman
Who likes the pleasure of the seed?

We have the incredible delight
Of men who who go to bed with men,
And we are supposed to respect the choice.
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