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Luis A Estable Sep 2021
Of all the features
Of a woman's body,
Her eyes are adorned more
With spoken beauty.

There one finds
Who she truly is
As a female creature.
Luis A Estable Sep 2021
Your two green eyes, and black your hair.
Your face a little round but fair.
Your lips of tender red, my dear.
Oh, please, waste not time, come here!

Your *******, a perfect shape, my lady.
Your voice so sweet in sound, yes, lady.
Let me make love to you tonight,
And all with me will be all-right.

Your legs I see and then my heart
To beat so fast it just does  start.
Come to my arms; don't doubt my love.
I'll pray you'll come to the above.


And if you come to me, no lie.
I'll kiss your neck, both of your eyes.
I will kiss every part of you
As no human ever knew.
  Aug 2019 Luis A Estable
Kelly McManus
There's global unrest
hide under your desks until
you hear the all clear

                                       Kelly McManus

— The End —