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JP 2d
You ******* showoff
Just take off your mask
You ain't foolin' no one
That feeling in your gut
Is self induced
Lights off, door shut
Keep repeating the same cycle
Like some ******* ******
Aren't you tired yet?
Aren't you ready to roll the dice?
Play roulette?
Take a chance?
Bet on red?
Win, lose
At least you're not curled up in bed
Like some self-loathing fool
What makes you so different?
You're human aren't you?
So get up and live

- Faker faker, belly acher
JP 2d
Sour candy
Hard candy
Your love is a war head
Puckering my lips
Piercing my tongue
Poaching my words
Rendering me powerless to its palatable punishment
Your love is a war head
And I would devour it daily
Just to taste you
JP Sep 5
I don't want to be with you
But can you do me a favour?
Can we watch the sun rise
One more time together?
JP Sep 5
I lose my breath
And I wonder if it's you
That has it captive.
I lose my mind
And I wonder if it's you
That's borrowed it for awhile.
I lose myself
And I wonder if it's you
That keeps her prisoner.
I wonder,
If you'll ever let me go.
JP Sep 2019
We were both broken
But I tried to fix my own cracks
And you just covered them with cheap masking tape
And sold them to someone stupid enough to buy them
JP Jul 2019
Heart broken
World shaken
They came for her head
But it was already taken
By dark thoughts
And bad memories
By sadness and gloom
And shadowy stories
By anger and pain
And missed glories

- you can have my head, just leave my heart
JP Jul 2019
Everyone has demons
Everyone has things they regret
Everyone has things
They'd rather soon forget
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