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JP Oct 2021
I hear them whisper
Chatter, chatter
It's driving me crazy
Madder, madder
Down I go with no
Ladder, ladder
This rabbit hole makes me
Sadder, sadder
JP Oct 2020
Have fun playing house
Hope the roof doesn't cave in
Don't forget insurance
Doesn't cover her heart
JP Oct 2020
I used to be afraid of cemeteries
But now it's there I feel closer to you
I miss you so much
Why'd you have to go and leave us like that
Why wouldn't you listen when we tried to help
Too stubborn for your own good
Guess that's where I get it from
Mom needed you, we needed you
God I'm angry with you
You left us too soon
JP Oct 2020
I walked passed a cemetery today
It reminded me of you
I shed a tear
We always feel like we have more time than we do
JP Oct 2020
A picnic planned for me
A moleskin notebook for you
Guess I'll throw it in the trash
Should've known it was too good to be true

Comfort in your whispering words
Should've known that's all they were
I'm always falling for the lines
When there's no chance of follow through

My hearts been broken for awhile
So it's really no suprise you see
I'll push through, mask it with a smile
Like Paul said, let it be.
JP Oct 2020
Your wispy hair and brazen smile
Drove my heart and head wild
You had me in your grasp
I was yours, you were mine
If only for tonight
The sun rose, morning came
Feelings strewn across the room
Like the clothing on our bodies
We both knew wouldn't remain
I walked you to your car
Sealed our goodbye with a kiss
Thought I'd be heartbroken
But this time I knew our story was amiss
JP Sep 2020
Sour candy
Hard candy
Your love is a war head
Puckering my lips
Piercing my tongue
Poaching my words
Rendering me powerless to its palatable punishment
Your love is a war head
And I would devour it daily
Just to taste you
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