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MartaOnche Apr 2019
Been a while,
I've cuddled closely.
closely enough to feel the bulge down your legs.

  Been a while,
I've been kissed passionately
like am a life machine, for your survival.

  Been a while,
you used your hands to make me feel butterflies in my stomach.
making me wet with your touch.

  Been a while,
we went down the road of pure passion and I didn't want you to stop. for you consume me with the fire of your body. .

Been a while,
been a while, I held you close enough never to let you go after you helped me to ecstasy....

Williams Marta (Tweencool )
Mamo's poetry
MartaOnche Mar 2019
Trying to love but
it is like I wasn't cut out for it.
Cos something and everything goes wrong always.

I Said I won't be sad and let go
But who is there to hold on to? Am at Crosssroad, and all I see is i alone. Sure, I was hoping to see you there. So maybe I will be glad
you wants this too. But I guess you never meant what you made me believe.

This never was, I suppose.
Now I know i only had dreams of you with me and these were my imagination. So I am clearing all out as I find myself at this Crossroad.

Mamo's Poetry
MartaOnche Feb 2019
Doldrum day,
Doldrum songs
Doldrum everything
got me going bananas.

Feeling dumb
Feeling numb
But the worst feeling
Is feeling lost.
My head is heavy
Yet i pray am not going crazy.

Slowly slowly, I will get steady,
The thought , I always keep handy. Cos days are normal Doldrum..

#Mamo's Poetry#
I feel my moments of depression coming back..
MartaOnche Feb 2019
I met with Narcissism.
He was by the pool and doing what he loved.I thought he looked like a fool.
For sure that was what he was.

  Most times,he forgot things that needed to be done so times passes by gradually.

  From seconds to minutes to hours.
Hours to days,days rolled into months and then into years.
And Narcissism was still by the pool.

  He never thought it was necessary needing someone,thought he was satisfied .

  Then the pool was pulled out
Dried up before his very eyes.
That was when he realised he would be bored.

  Went in search of more fun but there was none.
He didn't care really as he never did.
So he died being who he was.

Mamo's Poetry
Before the writing of the poem..i came in contact with a man so obsessed qith himself that i could help but write..
MartaOnche Feb 2019
Tossing and turning,
night is far spent.
I have lost my patience.
Why cant sleep come take a perch?On the door of my eyelids,
i will seal

I am the night owl and all i can do is be up-for no reason..
But most times,sleep keeps me up till it's time for the flow of my  inspiration to work out its magic.on a piece of paper,i drop down every line.I then realised,i am a worthy night owl on a good hunt..

Mamo's Poetry
MartaOnche Feb 2019
I laid down and stare at the sky
and thought of you came to mind.
Even said to myself"I can still hear her voice as she calls me when she needs me ".

    Then i remembered now that, i came home from her place and later visited just once in a while but not staying for long-"Just passing"became the drill.

    Months later,the day started as usual.Then the call came that she was missing from the people found by the roadside-An accident had occurred.

  Tension till evening when she was confirmed to be soon one of"Earth's landed property".

  Couldn't believe but it was true when i saw her laying peacefully,looking angelic in the "bed of human final rest".

  Then another thought came into my head.
"Where would her spirit be?"
"Could be she here-looking on at her lifeless body and struggling to get back in?"
"Could she be trying to tell me something about the other end?"
"Could she now be proud of where she was?"

  All these thoughts kept running but no answers and wonder i did of the "Great beyond"till i fell asleep in my thoughts..

Mamo's Poetry.
For my aunt..This is the story of how she died..couldnot sleep last night because i was a replay of her in my head as she laid on her wake keep.
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