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Teresa Sep 24
And not for Nancy, even though I know she had opened this letter. I never felt welcomed one bit into your family ever. I only write to you Clarence.

It’s only because you were the only one that would open up and listen for a change. You did talk your **** at times but at least with me, you would shut the hell up and listen, unlike the holly hell going on at your house. I think you know at least reason and respect at least and that’s why I liked talking to you.

I loved Charlie to death. I still do. My life really hadn’t been the best without him. We were young but wanted to go to places. Do you remember how that felt like being young and wanting to go out and explore?  I know you do and it’s probably one of the reasons you enjoy hunting and fishing if you still do.

I really just wished that mine and Charlie’s mom got along. Wasn’t going to happen. Nancy likes to be a strong woman and so does my mom. I remember one night when me and Charlie were still in high school that he asked me out for a dinner and a movie. During that date, Charlie yelled at his mother and was disrespectful. It kind of scared me. I actually broke it off with him.

My mother asked about Charlie and I told her I broke it off. She said well don’t you think his feelings were hurt?  I really did consider his feelings. I really did and I talked to him again at school. I told him how I felt and he listened and actually apologized. Well we got back together and you know the rest of the story.

Nancy was very overbearing and would never give me a chance at anything. I love to cook, but I am a vegetarian. Just because I choose to be a vegetarian doesn’t mean I don’t know how to do anything in the kitchen. Would you actually care to eat something delicious that was different?  

I remember being in your living room and Bill Clinton had made a speech that his life of infidelities was no ones business. You spoke up to that television and agreed. From what your children and relatives say, you do have wisdom in-spite of your 8th grade education.

I was told you did try to pass the GED a few times and gave up. At least you did try. Charlie told me once that I would never be able to graduate and not even by my 21 birthday. I guess when he passed away I made that my challenge and succeeded it and with honors and a scholarship. I did invite you all but I know you couldn’t come to my graduation.

It was important to me. I really just don’t understand why our families couldn’t get along. It’s all water under the bridge really but just so very sad how everything ended. I tried to reach out to Claire about 8 or 9 years ago. She just told me off. She said I’m the reason for everything and much more. That hurt a lot.

Joey is doing so good. He is finishing his last year at his school. Everyone is so proud of him and you would be too. He looks so much like Charlie. I just hope and pray everyday that everyone can find peace and happiness. I would think that’s what my Charlie angel would want. Love always and take care.
Teresa Aug 27
Many say they are watching over us
Loved ones go to heaven

I love so many up there
I never would want them to watch me

If something bad or horrible happens to me why would I want them to see that

Sometimes it seems angels are on our side and they watch after us at times

God does have a plan for us and leads us
I don’t want my dear loved ones that are angels to witness anything I’ve encountered. I love them all.
Teresa Aug 27
Mr.  Man Attorney

I want to write you to thank you for all of your hard work on my case. I know you had doubts on my case,  and especially on me. I wasn’t worried about the text messages from me to Mr ******* or vice verse. He wouldn’t had produced them the way they were written. It did bother me how you were upset about the text messages. You did make me feel like I wasn’t trust worthy.

The truth is that you don’t need to always read into everything. Some things are left to be unread. You did say once that “it’s ok and that you had read and seen it all.”
The thing is that I wouldn’t care if you seen all the naked photos or pornographic material on my phone.  

I was ***** by my best friend. The friend who ***** me was the one who introduced me to Mr *******. I’m not ready to face that person. I’m not ready to face that situation at all. It’s not going to happen.

Thank you for your representation. Also those copies that you gave me, can I have you to say that Mr ******* gave them to you?  He has gotten into my electronics and phone. Good luck for me to prove it right?
Teresa Aug 27
I would never hurt you the way you hurt me

I loved you very much and would had done anything for you

It was love at first sight or it was for me
You were charming and I had money

It was a trip of a lifetime, wish it never end
California where I was from too
Met in positive ways from a mutual friend
Davis and Suisun City seemed to match
Meeting from Greensboro to kernersville

Only loved my address, loved your ***
Loved all you can drink wine and trips
Money runs dry, just like wine and sips
How dare you take over my life and be me

Thought I had a man and just got a *****
One that claims assault while laughing
***** remember the cameras were recording

This ***** is more man than you will be
Meal ticket already expired
Sure that mad dog expects his 50/50

Took advantage when I didn’t see it
Not as stupid as you thought I was
Finding out more about you makes me sick
Computer genius you were
Keeping everyone’s information
When you were working as a tech guy
Then again you were unemployed with me
******* ******* *******
Russian ******* hacker
Not even a hacker but a new age peeping Tom.
Hard drives hard drives
You don’t know how to drive one hard
Teresa Aug 24
Sometimes I really just don’t give a ****. Has nothing to do about me but family or people I know.  It’s not like I hate them or anything. It’s just that I’m sick of them and tired of their crap. I love them to death and always will, but I can’t stand them. So since we are looking at the holidays coming up, it seems so freakin frightening.

Why can’t I have a nice and joyful holiday by my freakin self without ******* and being pulled into ******* drama that has nothing to do with me?  It does come in stages. If you are already nervous or upset about something, then you already went through the first stage.

The second stage is like the first until you are like I’ve done this before. You can make go of the other stages because it may or may not get better. Whatever may be, it’s still magical holidays. Family is what you make of it. Family is also what you do have. Close friends are so part of family too, no matter what anyone says.

If you decide to go along with the Jerry Springer special in your household or the Days of Our Lives even though we never seen that show, it’s your freakin choice to do so. You know what?  Let’s be busy having fun with our game nights, festivities and welcoming the fall pumpkin.
Teresa Aug 24
I was there
Warm wind blowing in my hair

The window half down
And such beauty all around

Warm wind breeze
Such memories
Teresa Aug 21
Disney and Sony
They are *****
Yelling and screaming mostly at Sony
But yet it is all part of the plan
Got to keep the bedroom demands

Spider-Man ain’t going no where
Disney and Sony’s secret love affair
Sony already signed with Venoms behind
Disney slurping all the ***** and creamin

Tom Holland is drunk with Tom Collins
Exciting you see, frustrating as it seems
Sony and Disney laughing all just because
Everyone is starting all the crazy fuss

Re-releases golden showers final hours
*** is better in front of others we together
Can’t ****** if it’s at the end game
Insane is the main part of the fame

It’s already been signed you see
The most fun is watching in ecstasy
We don’t give a **** what you say
It will all be announced this Labor Day

Because we work hard and stay hard
Didn’t come this far
So start the fire
Because we already **** tony McGuire
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