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When life gets tough
it helps to remember that
life and everyone, and
everything that’s in it
is a game

of cat and mouse
of hide and seek
of do or die
of dare to dream
of play to win

of tiny gossamer wishes clinging
to the linnet’s wing,
like a paper plane
determined to fly an uncertain journey.

A game that doesn’t hurt
unless you let it.

A game that isn’t over
if you stay in it,
and heart,

and in the end
when the judges are out
you don’t want the final scorecard to read -
she didn’t try
because she didn’t believe
she was good enough.
is how people get broken
and love,
how people get fixed.
Catherine McCabe Dec 2018
I am not a flirt
but face to face with you,
make me aware of my every hidden fidget.

My body flirts with you
even when I tell it not to!
and it won’t
just won’t
keep my irrepressible secret.
Catherine McCabe Dec 2018
There will never be
true strength and grit in me
until I fix what is broken,
rebuild what isn’t enough,
answer deep longing,
reach for what is hidden and
mourn what wasn’t mine to keep.

Who knows what time it will take
to build the foundations of me
with tools I can’t see?
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