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When I get frustrated
and angry,
I wear emotions
in a language that gets written all over my face.

I wear
like the traffic police
wear high-vis jackets

like graffetti
says “look at me”
to passing trains

and it feels like the very last nerve in my body
has been exposed
and people are queuing up to go for a ride on it.

My expression reads -
“stay away”
“approach with caution”.

But when I snarl,
it’s not that I’m snarling,

It’s just,
I don’t want you to see me cry.
is how people get broken
and love,
how people get fixed.
When you really put your all into something,
a little part of your soul
gets poured into the chase
and that little part of your soul becomes something you will never get back -
something ethereal,
in an unforgiving universe,
for a chance at getting everything you ever wanted.
Catherine McCabe Dec 2018
The simple truth in a slit
is if you cut up,
not across,
you want to die,
not bleed.
Catherine McCabe Dec 2018
I am not a flirt
but face to face with you,
make me aware of my every hidden fidget.

My body flirts with you
even when I tell it not to!
and it won’t
just won’t
keep my irrepressible secret.
Catherine McCabe Dec 2018
There will never be
true strength and grit in me
until I fix what is broken,
rebuild what isn’t enough,
answer deep longing,
reach for what is hidden and
mourn what wasn’t mine to keep.

Who knows what time it will take
to build the foundations of me
with tools I can’t see?
Catherine McCabe Dec 2018
Roses are red,
violets are blue.

The one to fix me, is you.
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