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Joevoltage Aug 2020
Not by chance the sun shines so warm, luxuriant glow to hold all eyes aglow.

All by reason beyond knowings the moon smiles so calm,
Ever willing to sooth the wary travelers soul.

Call the stars by their names at night,
they respond with twinkle that makes the heart glows and scintillating effect that dazzles the eyes.

When in fright and fears like water runs down ur spines,
Call HIS name
the wielder of all divine force.

HE is the fire dat upon many  waters burns,

HE is  a voice dat quickens d mountains away.

HE is the pulsating essence of all ancient and present in whose eye glows the fiery blue coal of death.

HE is the whispering hush of the morning wind,
hope of those who hold the Frontline.

HE command the immortal cold steel combatant of the heavenly realms.

And  i am Joseph
I fight in His army.

Do you likewise??
Joevoltage Jun 2020
Thou cold eye of midnight,
Which see through the crust of daylight.
Keep steady watch over this soul of mine so enervated;

Thou inveterate eye of the starry night,  
Whose light shines to keep the night alight.
Keep thy sworn sentry over this soul of mine so worn-out;

Keep thy hate to thyself
Thou shadows of the night,
That knows no rest
For this soul passes through thy valley;

Cast not thy indignation against my sapped soul,
Thou untamed tongue of night terrors for this soul be innocent of thy pains.

When the montain shrouded in mist belch it's cruel venom of unholy hatred,
Let this loyal oath by which thou art bound,
Keep my zones safe and quiet.

Howling winds, crawling ominous shadow and tenebrous sinister lightening overlap the night sky with doom,
All this a reminiscence to the dark mages fallen.
Whose plight refuse rest.
From this too be quick to my jaded soul defend.

Bath now I pray my parth with thy beams of light pure and true.
Guide this noble reason which before thee i lay,
For this reason I groan while my knells so swollen moans.

Let it not be chronicled that I fell into the alluring petals of decay that glimmers.
Nay!!! neither a victim of her pleasant poisons.
Keep an unhesitating watch over my soul o bright of the morning stars that rides the cherubs of war
And seraphs of peace.
............quod scripcy, scripcy
Joevoltage Jan 2020
Sleep light baby girl, sleep light cool and quiet while the moon hums it's songs away.
Let the rhythmic beat of ur heart like a song be to comfort the weary soul,
Refused passage.

Warm and cosy the Eternal cradle to hold  you firm for the terrain has really been tough.

Strong as the earth pillar guardian of fire stand by to upon your soul keep watch.

For more precious than a peal a beloved hovers to sleep.
To rest eternal.

I bid thee sleep light
And as right as rain
While thine soul ascend to be seen no more.

Open up, thou portals of ancient dimensions,
The terrain has really been tough
She deserves a passage.

While the winds howls pain and regret about me,
While my tears in endless torrent flows,
I will be right behind thee.

I won't let go
Nay will I forget this debt
Own me by the earth.

Shiver and cry no more
Till the garment of time
Is part asunder.
Till the stream flows backward
Till the heigh tremble and melt away
I shall before this gravestone keep watch.
rid thy place of rest from the talons of the night.
Joevoltage Dec 2019
The sky for myriad of starry light.

But none can outshine the share glimmer of Sirius

The sun to give light by day but the blazing heat of ur love baths my heart with wonder and awe.
Call this tender smile of thine the breath from the south,
Which bids my fears away.

Bring this golden cloud to bear and  cover for simplicity of heart purer than crystal that converts and heal a broken sinner like me.

Then I shall stare till infinity
For the gentle rays of ur diamond shaped eyes
Penetrate my soul.

It sees me even in my darkest night
U are a paragon of all that shines oh lord Jesus
And your unparalleled beauty and compassion
Has gotten me transfixed.

I will stare at you till infinity,
Till I take my seat among the gods
I love you Jesus.
Joevoltage Dec 2019
Here I am at the corner of the world,
I watch and see the emergence and passing into oblivion of stars.

Here I sit all day long at the fringes of life as all tears rise and ebb away,
And all to give birth to new pleasure but sorrow in disguise.

Nothing new now,
Nothing grand to catch my sight.
Not the fairest of skin
For beauty.
Nor comeliness of her stride
For glamour
As I have seen the perfection of all pleasures
Stupidities in disguise.

Nothing new now, nothing is sure as long as mankind is concern,
For now have I seen the end of all beautiful fooly.
It's all vanity afterall

Let me lay coiled up in the cradle of my mind,
As my thoughts rocks me to and fro.
Don't call my name, for I may not be there to draw another breath.

Upon my shoulder heft not thy trust.
For I am as frail and scarred as thou arth.

Secret  sight seen wearied my mind with mystery and knowings
I can't divulge
My shoulder sag in utter bewilderment.

So lines upon lines of scribblings upon this parchment I pour.
For this alone I can.
Till this song is sang.

This at the end of  it's  perfection yet have I seen that its sorrow afterall;
And wariness to the mind.

Let me be at the corner of the world far from life's menace and chaos for from thence comes  the first born of all wind of ease.

Come stay with me,
come dwell beside me,
At the corner of the world
Where no sight escapes my eyes.

Yeah a place where all sorrow and pains is Ballanced upon the clouds
Of the first borns.

Here I will stay suspended until the passage of my ages into the world beyond time when I will take my sit among the gods.
                  *Joe voltage
Joevoltage Dec 2018

Inside a Cimmerian dark gloomy court of
demons and demon Lords.
Sat quietly a soul.
Bound down with a heavy chain.
All hope gone.
All strength drained.
Tears dribbles down his check.
Calmly he await the final verdict of death.
Soon to be passed by Satniel himself.
All around, lays in abundance strange tongue which spew webs of dark lies.
Not an advocate,
No not one to take his side.
Quietly the lonely soul await death.
Jubilation and merriment
Fills the court-room as the devil's exchange gifts with joy.
Omaimon,Paimon,Arithorn,Asmodee Belial and Santael and other principalities where all present drinking from the horns of the fallen dragon.
"Rejoice" says a beast "for a lawful captive he be".
"This soul so precious to the lion of judah is ours...and ours forever".
Visible trembling from all pillars,
As deep throaty laughter threatens to pull all hangings apart.
Suddenly, a quiet hush upon the whole assembly falls.
Time paused.
Like a blurry vision reality seems to have been held down by an immortal grip.
Brightness flood the whole assembly of conspiracy.
Then a voice as thick as the pillars holding the earth thundered
"Set the captive free"
"Ahhh"!!! Objection my lord
Roared a price of Persia.
"For one reason too many......"
"OBJECTIONS OVERRULED" Thundered arch prince ORIEL visible coal of fire Kindle by his breath spark and dance into infinity.
"Bring forth the letters of accusations",
"Bring forth the scroll of condemnation",
"Where are the evidence of his crimes"?,
"Bring forth the witnesses"
"Where be his death warrant"?,
"Bring them here to the foot of the cross and set them all Ablaze"!!!!
"Set them all on fire"!!!
"Because JESUS the CHRIST of God Is Born"!!!! He rules supreme above all hordes and power".
A heavy thud sounded on the skull littered prison cell.
There and then my chains lays broken.
My prison doors shattered to a thousand pieces
"I AM FREE"!!!! !!!!!!!!
Joevoltage Dec 2018
When the ocean rise and thunder rolls.
Why should they lay forgotten they who by their hand lead you through the folds.
Now that the loop of time is unwound and you are found standing strong and bold.
Don't stare at them in the eye with scold or hate
For without there salient effort in the molds
You would not have survived all along through the *****.
Keeping the hold is all that is needed
Never letting the old code get sold
Unto the dark void of pride and arrogance.
For the southern wind may bring cold again;
It may bring cold again.

— The End —