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leano 43m
Broken and bruised feeling all alone
Nobody around him feeling empty inside
His past gripping him hard and tough
Covering all his insecurities with
Anger, keeping his true feelings hidden
Cause he feels like nobody cares
All they want from him to live the
Way they want his life to go nobody
Cares for the things he want in
His own life its always do this and that
But never really want to hear out of
Him because its all about them
Trust issues rub deep from all the abuse
Safe room built just so that people don't
Have the opportunity to break his trust
And use him like other people have before
Trying to escape but keeps getting caught
Up in the cycle of repeating dangerous patterns that lead to him losing who
He truly was it ***** but its all part of his life things don't always go according
To plan and people will always find
A way to ***** you out of sucess
leano Oct 12
Acting like you loved me
When all I was to you
Was a bank you could always run to
Easy to call me bae when
anit no real feelings attached
I loved with all my heart
But didn't know how to show it
Could write it all down but
Never truly prove it
People who claim to care
Anit there when I'm at my lowest
Money drove your desires to me
Love was my general attraction
See you where beautiful
Broke my heart when you rejected me
All we shared were memorises
Often used to play it back and wondered
If cared for me or was it all
For the money I was able to give you
This relationship was doomed
From the start cause all
You did was tear me apart
They say there is plenty of fish in the sea
But the sea is also full of sharks
Fake guppies and greed
And while I'm fighting  and drowning
Looking to the surface for air to breath
I realised I fell in love with what
I thought could have been
leano Oct 10
Sleepless nights caused
By a range of thoughts
Starting with should I be alive?
Who really loves me?
Whos a homie and whos fake?
And can I really depend on family?
Picture this changing schools
Meeting someone you knew
She gains access to your past
And wants to really help
So you accept and starts sharing
But what looks innocent
Really turns south quick
She telling him the world
Would be a better place if you where dead
Cause he let the demons consume
Him and hurt everyone he loves
Living but not knowing you're depressed
Because you grew up in a world
So cold and no moral support
leano Oct 8
Family most important thing
In a persons life but what
Do you do when family is
The main source of your pain
Nobody supporting you in the dreams
You have all they want is what they
Think is best for your life like
What job you should get or
The fact that they want you to employ
Others constantly ridiculing you
Making you feel small and
Beating you as a kid for the smallest mistakes
That you made cause you were young
Creating a bitter twisted individual
Who had to let go of bitterness
And work on himself to get where he is now
leano Oct 8
Drunk texting his ex
He doesn't miss her but really wants
Someone who he can share his pain
With all of the things that he regrets
Life decisions he wishes he never made
Pain flowing through all his texts
Crying and sobbing because
He feels broken hollow and alone
Nobody really supports his dreams and
Aspirations he has in his life
Pain flowing through his viens
Stuck and not knowing what to do
Its broken in his life all he wants is a hug
leano Oct 8
Lost himself in the large crowd of fake people
Showing fake love and only speaking
When they want something out of him
Toxic relationships filling his life
Doesn't want a soul around him
In a large room but no one is really
Listening to all that needs to be shared
Getting drunk because he is searching
For happiness or just to try numb
All the negative emotions running
In his life making out and *******
The next girl just to erase all the
Pain that runs through his life
leano Oct 8
Looking for the next high
To replace the feelings
That feels fake to him
Just like constantly being surrounded
By a large room of fake friends
That bring fake energy to the table
Being like lets go party and drink
Meanwhile his brain is screaming
No one really loves you people
Just be using you for all the things
That you have in your life
Don't listen to em just stay home
And feel hollow and broken
Contemplating the next time you
Really feel like ending it all cause
All these people don't mean **** to you
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