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Empty void runs deep in my heart trying to find
Anything that will keep me numb
To all the pain caused inside my life
So I grab the night and begin to cut
Enjoying the rush the blood seeping through
My skin giving scars but it's the pain I enjoy
This leads to thoughts of suicide which seems
Just like a friend of mine cause I don't want to die
I just want to escape all this pain that lays deep
In my heart
You dug up my past and said that you would help, it's like being bullied was a cry for help now I'm all alone standard while you took advantage of a 💔, gave you deepest scars and you began to tear me apart, words hurt like venom piercing through my 💓, wanted comfort but you left me in dark to wallow in pity while you fed me to the 🦈 thoughts of suicide would cross my mind and you told me maybe it's time and that no one would miss me if I were gone, felt like you lied and the only reason you did it was pride, cause when I was hurt you made it worse with the lies you spit I would eat it up like pie, craving it looking for ☮️ I would never find
Two broken souls coming
Together to fix
All the broken pieces
Left behind from tormented
Pasts of abuse and hurt
And to think there was
Love around in a relationship
Built on broken pieces
Voids, abuse, drugs and
Two people trying to fit
Into a world that cares more
About looking cute in
Pictures together than
Building a relationship that
Will last for centuries and the
Funny thing is even though
We never met I still
Love and care for you
Doing things to impress people
Drinking, partying and smoking
Getting high to cope with
The problems that are presented
In your life doing all the things
That you often don't do to
Try and find the person
That you want to be
Picking up broken pieces
Of the person you once were
Consumed by the liquor giving
You a rush but ultimately
Losing yourself and asking
The age-old question
"What happened to me"
Was this trying to find me
In the things I hate really
Worth losing my sanity

— The End —