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wherearethestars Sep 2019
love is normal
or is it ?
love is just and emotion
an emotion that we can't hide
and for some of us that do
we wash it off like the coastal tide
we act numb
we act emotionless,
when really we are
the same ones who want to confess
being numb,
it's just an emotion,
just like love
being numb is normal
or is it?
wherearethestars Sep 2019
Your eyes pierce through my mind
sharing a glance with you
makes me go blind
is this love ?
I don't know
Could this be hate ?
I don't know
Ive never felt love
but I have felt hate
and hate doesn't feel like this
so could this be love?
Ive always wondered
if love was as sweet as lilac
or as cold as frostbite
locked up in the darkness
are you my way out?
if this is love
I don't know
I don't know if I got this right
or am I just setting myself up
thinking I have finally seen the light
wherearethestars Sep 2019
You like me , do I like you?
                      I don't really know is it true ?

                        I like you, do you like me?
                         You don't really know ,
                           To be or not to be?
wherearethestars Jun 2019
I don't think you realize what your doing
but you have to stop
you have to stop
that girl you called a freak
because she bald
is fighting her own battles
that boy you called weak
has a father that is in intensive care
because he is trying to keep your country safe
you have to stop
when will you learn
you enjoy the silent fall of tears
and you love when someone's cries
then one day you'll be asking yourself why?
why? why did that girl die?
wherearethestars Jun 2019
How many heys
I'm dying inside
why don't you just reply?
when people don't care
wherearethestars Jun 2019
your gonna try and explain what I saw?
I saw your arms around another girl
I don't know what to say
What are you gonna say?
I saw it with my own eyes
I don't know what to believe anymore
You said you  were nothing more than friends
I cant take it anymore
you shattered my heart
wherearethestars Jun 2019
you make me think about you
but I don't wanna
I know how you are
I know who you are
but you act like I'm your ragdoll
Am I ?
No I don't think so
trying to forget
trying to hide the pain
trying to cry the pain away
but there is no gain
sometimes I wish we never met
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