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Daniel Niemi Oct 2019
When you are apart for seconds
You are still connected

When minutes pass
The intimate connection is still there

If hours pass you have to wait
But still feel her next to you

When a day passed you realize
How important the person is to you
As you wake in the morning
You hope today she feels better

A kiss starts your day
Can't wait to get home
Because she is there

The waiting is hard
Whether it’s a second, minute, hour or a day
When you love someone
There health is as important as yours
Daniel Niemi Apr 2019
I love the feel of your silky soft skin
Your soft sensual kisses
My lips kissing your neck
Your hands rubbing my shoulders
Your head on my chest
When we hold hands
Telling you I Love You
And hearing it back
Daniel Niemi Apr 2019
Tonight as the sun sets
The rain continues to fall
I think about the past, present and future
The past taught me to persevere, have faith and keep moving forward .
The present you realize the gifts you have.
The future all you want is to love, protect and keep safe the most beautiful women in the world.
I love you more today then yesterday.
Tomorrow I will wake and you will be the first thought I have.
A smile will come to my face knowing that the love of a women is all a man needs to feel complete.
Daniel Niemi Mar 2019
I have discovered
A beauty that is amazing
When I look into your eyes
Sweetheart it shins into your soul
Always remember my love
It’s not for a second, minute or hour
It’s for the rest of our lives
I want to walk this journey with you
If I can make you realize one thing
I will always be here for you
Daniel Niemi Mar 2019
Sweetheart you have asked me why I Love You. So I used the alphabet to hopefully put in words why. Never  wonder why I Love You, I Love You Today just as you are. As we move forward as we change and grow,  I will Love You. I Love You for You always

Love of My Life
Quick witted
The Keeper Of My Heart
Daniel Niemi Mar 2019
I know you know I am here
As YOU and we go thru your
Depression really pushing down
Anxiety out of control
Not feeling well

I always have a hug and kiss
Know matter the day or night
A shoulder to cry on
A chest to comfort you

If you need to vent
I will listen

When you feel like your not in control
Want to just curl up
Not deal with anything
I am a call away

I will always be here
That’s what you do when you love someone
Daniel Niemi Feb 2019
I have a fire burning
A desire
To softly kiss your lips
Then proceed to your neck
Nibble on your ears
My hand moves from your hip
To slow caress your derrière
Then slowly moves upward
Softly on your chest
Slowly removing your shirt
My lips move to your *******
Anticipation heightens
Just start imagining the rest
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