A man works for his family
Day by day toiling
Children he is spoiling
Just to have them stay

He never gives up when he should
Always vows to do good
He hopes to never go away
From the loved ones he won't stray

Not always told thank you
He still works everyday
He lets nothing get in his way

That is why this is a valid
Work mans ballad
Says the little girl mother may I?
The mother says to the girl ..
May you what?

May I please says the girl
The mother says to the girl
Please what?

Mother may I please love you for ever..
I can't bare the thought of losing someone so clever...

The mother then a tear does fall
Down her cheek and all..

Oh dear! Says the mother
I love you too girl like no other

Then will you stay?
I hope so, at least I pray...

Take it day by day!
Tick tock goes the old clock
Tick tock the minutes don't stop
The hands keep winding
Each new adventure you are finding

At this time there might be doubt
Where would you be without?
A heart not open is unkept
With the memories your heart swept

Do you hear it?
The continious ticking?
Be careful you might not want to miss
When your love in your heart is thickening

Don't be afraid of the leap
A door unopened is tightly shut
A locked door your heart will keep
Can't go down now..go up

Listen to it's even pace
Listen or you will be wishing
Of not having that empty space
And you will be missing

The heart that winds that keeps ticking

Tick tock..tick tock
Act like a lady
Not a heathen
Cross at the ankle
Give yourself something to believe in

Think highly of yourself
Because if you do
Most of people will see you
As you do too
What I see throughout time
Is people fighting
People not getting along
Not willing to admit
When they have done wrong

War is never good
It's not a winable  fight
Striving to succeed
Striving for what is right

It kills people
Like nothing ever before
It takes more life's
Then a gangster war

It takes innocent souls
It makes us a matter
It fuels the fire
Like wood
With a gas starter

In the name of justice
We go into other lands
We put our noses in it
Just to make a stand

In the end
It is always the same
It is not always the one that starts it
That is the one to blame

So what do we do
What do we say
To the lost soul of a child
That stood in the guns way

I am sorry son
Its not your fault
We are just doing our job
To get the bad ones caught?

Talking makes more action
Then a gun in the hand
Rememeber that next time
When you enter someone elses land

We cannot fight
The unwinable battle
Because in the end it proves nothing
Like a horse without a saddle

We send our loved ones
Not knowing the cost
The price is more then a penny
Because our loved ones become

One day I asked what did you do?
One day I asked what did you say?
I am to regret that
Some time some day

Questions are good
But don't be too bold
Some stories are great!

Some should not be told
I am the rabbit
He said to the hare
I am the greatest
So there!

Well I am the hare
Said the hare with a laugh
I can hop around
And hop around fast

So what, said the rabbit
What makes you the greatest
I hear people eat you ..*** that's so ******!

Yeah, they eat me so what!!
They eat you to every Easter
Made out of chocolate
Not startimg with the ears but starting with the ****!

Well at least I am sweet
The rabbit did say
Because at least once a year
I get my own holiday!
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