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I don't need the world in the palm of my hand
I don't need my own house or even my own land
I don't need any monetary thing or two
I dont need these to say I love you

I don't need a fancy car or even jet pack
I don't need any tea set or knick knack
I don't need any of them it's true
These aren't the things that made me say I do

I need your heart, your warming smile
I need your hope when mine is gone for a while
I need you to have and to hold
Because of these things I want to keep you, hold you til I am old.

We may have started off a little as friends
Now your a beat in my heart of new trends
Even as time fades and dies as it should
I would remarry you every day if I could.
Mind, body, heart , soul
Love, hope, guidence ten fold
What we see time again
Of what we did see think again
Was it just me
Or was a foe or a friend?

The world is full of misleading clues
Of who we are , what we think and what we might do
Has this happened to you?

With a world of individuality
How can we brush it off
And pretend not to see
The truth that lies in between you and me

The world is a much better place
When not bound by greed or running an untimely race
Not thinking but knowing can save some space

Actions have consequences wether or not
You are part of a war or seeking awnsers to be sought

To stand out for injustice , unkindness and what is not right
Is the battle worth winning in an ultimate fight
We all want peace, so don't speak for me
Speak for yourself so your awnsers can be seen
Speak from your heart and it will grow
From thoughts to actions
Compassion's will grow

For I am one person what about you
I want a better future for our future too
Yes we can swipe left so they say
But that is not living so let's start today
On the beach I found a lamp
A lamp. With a genie not filled with sand
So, I did what every normal person would do
I gave it a rub or two
Out popped the genie my palm in his hand
"What do you want I Grant you three wishes as only I can"!
My wish is not just for me
Hoping he sees
And then can finally understand
So what is it your heart desires to me he asked
I can only change the future but never the past
My wish is for peace and love
Why do ask this he asked looking above
In this life I am rich, in life I said quite tame
I want that for everyone, with no one to blame
In a world where greed is drunken with power
Hope lights lanterns, and love gives showers
In a world where time forgot
I want people to remember to love each other for who they are
Not for what they have, or what they got
With a future with such uncertainty
It has to start somewhere, So I am chosing  to start with me.
Gossip is contagious
It doesn't make you coragious after all whom can blame us..
Decietful , maniacal, disagreeable, to whom you call your people
ignite a light , stand for what's right , come together as one
Hope of a Nation, that has at times showed degradation, but as a Nation we must hold hands..
In this world that we live in
Don't take for granted what we have been given, find something to believe in and the nightmare will..
Strive to succeed, where others have disagreed because there is only one of you, and only one of
Light these words came
Written by Veronica a.clark Aug 2019
We are one
From heaven we both come
From God's warm embrace
To our mothers smiling face

Our lives might at times seem lost
We might want to look at it from afar
Don't forget the gifts given
That love comes freely at times it might cost

What you pay
Is entirely up to you
Hopefully it is joyful ,
Things are better that way
Without it where would our love for others stay?

One thing remember, is the sound
Sounds of laughter and smiles
Of the way your heart pounds
Even the way it feels when your heart races ever so slightly seemingly for miles

For we are human and have the ability to love
Show kindness to others
Don't push and Don't shove
Because one thing is certain we all came from above

So what do you believe
What does your heart tell you?
Can you not see
Your lives are not just marked by the people whom love you?

So in fact you are never alone
Never time stands still
You have a place to call home
Call it what you will
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Words cannot describe
How much I love you

Our lives aren't perfect
That part is true
But with us we are living
Better than most people do

So we might argue
We might also fight
But I promise to love you forever
Til the sun burns out it's light

The vows I took
I meant them dearly
We celebrate each day
Even yearly

For me you are it
You are the one
Each day an adventure
From love it did come...
I wrote this for my husband .
Veronica clark Dec 2018
Tradition is important because when life changes they can too
Just remember your tradition can start with just you
Dont loke what your mothers was or you fathers just the same?
Start your own I won't cast blame

Remember traditions start with one
The shared with those you love
Share the ones you like
Be original, creative..give the old ones a shove
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