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Binta Faye Dec 2019
I didn't think losing you will lead to loneliness
Ah! that was in the beginning;
Not anymore.
The hurt ended when we let our love fade away,
I got a deeper understanding of where the anger came from.
I loved you to the last millimeter of your body and soul.
but  now I understand the fine line between love and hate.
the love found is now lost.
Binta Faye Nov 2018
Disgusted by the system!
An innocent child
from the smiling coast,
becoming a lost soul
in the land of el maghrib

wasted! by wanting to become
the saviour for her motherland.
but dictated to what she'll become
without giving her a reason.
"limited space"

Almost went out of her mind
to find inner peace in
doing what she doesn't love.
Defying the odds to not become
an embarrassment to the universe.

She asked for what she owns
but is denied her destiny.
I call it corrupt and careless,
others call it luck and will of God.
" everything will be okay"

Should we learn from mistakes?
Or torture others?
Ruthless systems hungry
for numbers, full of guilt
but too naive to admit it.

The beauty of a soul
no one sees but its actions
everyone feels.
A once beautiful soul
has been damaged
and the struggle has begun!
"Yallah bhna"
Binta Faye Oct 2018
so knumb to get up!
weak and threatened
to leave the house.
leave the house to face reality.

keeping my pain to date,
made me think i was strong.
to leave or stay,
was left in a conundrum.

i thought i had it in me
to get through it,
but the harder the challenges,
the more i feel my soul
leaving my body.

no family! but with family!
just me in this wicked space!
Am weak and helpless!
tormented and traumatised!

Courage gets me back up.
it never fails me,
because i can now open the door,
without fearing reality.

At the moment, 
no matter how much
i miss my family
neither tears nor sadness
can bring us back together

I have no choice
but to take a deep breath
and get back up!
Binta Faye Oct 2018
Not a word,
as you tied me with a cord.
A midst of confusion
and frustration,
had to really step back,
to see the crack.

Colours fading
because of the shade.
We could've seen the sunlight,
but it was worth a fight.

Hunting thoughts,
and heightened emotions
are the predators!
My mind spinning,
feeling high, and boom!!
my mouth spills all of it!

I didn't realise that
I was unapologetically fuming
a fire, that i didn't know
was impossible to stop.
So here i am now, caged!
Binta Faye Oct 2018
the more i rise
the more i shine
the i more smile
the more am fine
the more i live
the more i feel
happiness or sadness
success or failure
growth or stunt
black or white
live love rise and shine

— The End —