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Moushumi Sinha Nov 2020
I love the virus
when humans die
It is boon to us
they must multiply

Pain and sorrow
in dinghy cages
tears we swallow
down the ages
Killed for fun
or just for greed
We are one
in woe indeed
we run amok
in bush and tide
for guns stalk
our horn and hide
vanishing green
forests blazed
we die unseen
plight unfazed
tamed and displayed
in circus and zoos
chained and caned
We suffer abuse!!!

let this holy virus spread
till human freedom is lost
let them loose daily bread
cause every pain has a cost!!!!

An ode by an animal
Moushumi Sinha Feb 2020
If you own place to live
Life is ten on ten
If night rocks you to sleep
Life is ten on ten
If the food is hot and ready
Life is ten on ten
If your work is going steady
Life is ten on ten
If you have a loving parent
Life is ten on ten
If you have a true friend
Life is ten on ten
If you can go on a vacation
Life is ten on ten
If you are without medication
Life is ten on ten

So why complain my dear?
Lets all live life without fear
When blessings are in focus
It is ten on ten for all of us..
Moushumi Sinha Feb 2020
Love said to friendship
I am always by your side
In any strong relationship
I take everything in stride

Friendship said grudgingly
Yet it is not always true
├Łou attach the hearts readily
for misery and pain to ensue
You leave behind rue and tears
with a truckload of mistrust
It may take months or years
to mend the broken hearts
You exit and I too am cast away
Bitterness is felt every living day
I step in to ensure solace
to assuage the deepfelt hurt
I try to make them face
the world after much effort

Love retorts with a laugh
I am everyone's favourite
Ego, desire, greed and scoff
Are the reasons of my exit
I am not the cause of misery
in action, thought or deed
I withstand pain and penury
to bestow blessings indeed
Life is a beautiful journey
to those knowing our worth
Only they enjoy the company
of bliss and peace on earth
Moushumi Sinha Feb 2020
I briskly go away
from engulfing dark
towards the grey
ready to embark
on my desolate way
street dogs bark
as they laze n lay
in a nearby park
I head for the alley
Truth staring stark
with sun's first ray
I wil make a mark
on someone's day!!!
Moushumi Sinha Feb 2020
River shivers to meet
vast and profound ocean
rhythmic ripples beat
in unknown apprehension

Through the forests n trees
gushing in selfstyled ways
carrying the silt and debris
on both rainy and sunny days
Fighting many a storms
and deluge in the plains
nurturing life in all forms
flowing out of mountains
downward yet forward
from glens to the terrains
treasuring emotions inward
A mute witness to all pains

Fearing loss of her identity
dissolving in the vastness
sensing loss of her entity
in the waters of oneness
Moushumi Sinha Feb 2020
Lies are told
like fairy tales
Ideas are sold
on false base
Benefit of doubt
to habitual liar
Truth bows out
amidst quiet ire
Hail the dishonest
in betrayal n shame
Nail the idealist
to tarnish his name
Repeated lies
convince more
as time flies
untruths galore

Who has seen the judgement day
The sun is up so make some hay
Lies are fun, dishonesty a way
to ease out troubles during stay
Moushumi Sinha Feb 2020
Downpour on a terrain
Greenery in the rain
Wild colours of flowers,
Petrichor in wee hours
Chirping birds, trees tall
Life is joy for one and all..
Tides lashing on the sands
Red glowing sky stands
Towering over turbulent sea
Sunrise at the hours wee
Dazzling horizon for all to see
Joy galore for you and me
Wonders I pray to cherish
Moments to love ere I perish
Journey of togetherness
Life brings happiness
Sad times do come along
Melody melancholy in a song
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