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Villam Feb 24
You used to ask what I see in you

I hope this explains...

How could I deny what I feel?
You never been perfect,
neither was I...

But you were perfect to me.

With all your sarcastic way of speech...
With your funny, caring being...

The way you used to hold me...

I got lost in your eyes...

You would always have some sort of answer to my question marks

A good suggestion of a movie to watch

You would always make me feel special, even when I'm in the darkness of my 7 days..

How could I forget all that?

I know, I will never feel the same again...

I don't even wish for anyone to make me feel  that way...

All this was the thought before I changed my mind!
Villam Feb 24
I remember the day I was asked...

Why do you get up early in the morning?

Having to drive miles and miles only to be able to hike?

I was thinking big
Than come up with this...

By the time I suffer all the sweat climbing up the hills..
While all the dust sticks to my skin...

As I reach higher and higher up

My soul gets washed of all the stain this World has given me..

By the time I reach the summit

Clean and reborn

A simple human stands in front of the Gods...
Villam Feb 24
What is life?

I would say...

It is that line on your grave that is between your birth and death..

Make sure you did everything to be worthy of that!
Villam Feb 24
It gets harder and harder to block out this pain

In my feet...

I reached miles and miles away from where I have been

It taken time and time to see...

It will be years and years to reach the final destiny
Villam Feb 23
I would call this poem bright if there would be daylight

You don't deserve the scratch of my pencil to give you highlights

The role you have been acting made a great success

I fall for you....

It has taken too long,
That pink fog to become see through..

I did not know you were just a clown
Searching for new scene for the score

And I find myself wondering
next to my window...

Chasing the darkest night
without stars

Don't seem to find the " Why"
Villam Feb 21
It used to be something like that...
Yesterday is yesterday!
Today is a different day...
Always to forget the last day nice memories...
I started to feel like in some sort of ball game.
One day up the next day down...
If I think better, you were clever as ever.
Knowing I love sports.
The only thing you weren't aware of,
I'm hopeless in ball games!
  Feb 10 Villam
Cassidy Noyes
Just sitting there,
Eyes full of pain and sorrow,
but feeling nothing.
All the pain and suffering
has taken every good thing from her.
Her smile, her laugh,
The way she used to love life, Gone.
With now feeling nothing, But the emptiness that was left with her.

-Cassidy Rae
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