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Sly Jul 2023
Eyes watching vigilantly through the night.
Ears alert to every little crack and creak.
Scenarios play over and over in my mind.
Safety and security are my priorities.
Sentinel am I.
Sly Jul 2023
Your smile lights up my darkest days
Your voice calms my whirlwind thoughts
Your arms keep me safe
Your eyes see the deepest parts of me
Your love keeps me going
I'm yours, forever.
Sly Dec 2022
You're grip on me has finally been broken.
My mind no longer fooled by your illusions.
I no longer hear your sour whispers.
My eyes have been opened to a bright new world.
I am no longer alone.
Hopefully this is our final goodbye.

A once broken poet.
Sly Feb 2022
When I was at the edge, ready to fall into nothingness, you were there to pull me into your arms. You showed me a kindness that no one else had.

You make me feel safe and loved. You have given me a reason to get out of bed.

You saved me from myself. You are my lifeline.

I can't imagine my life without you. I am yours.
Sly Dec 2020
You make me feel wanted
The way you hold me close.

You make me feel special
The way you kiss my nose.

You brought light
To my dark world.

I love you more
Than words could ever convey.
Sly May 2020
On the forest's edge into sparkling eyes I gaze.
What I see before me is a reflection of my soul.
This lone wanderer and I sharing this moment of spiritual connection.
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