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James Jan 2020
off the aeroplane
meeting me is christ
he doesn't say a word
he only fries rice

useless tables
are useless politicians  
they should be practical
but you can't throw them in the chipper

i'm in-between cupboards
and in-between wards
playing drunk on the piano
so i'm not drafted into war

born sick
and commanded to be well
asking jesus for the secrets
that the useless **** cannot tell

back on the aeroplane
which only now is a spitfire
i'll see you all in newyork
and with all our hearts tired
James Dec 2019
i put my lips around my neighbours
car exhaust to see how it feels
to be a tree

no one tells you about the suicides
the biscuits tins
and fatherless fathers, fathering the biscuits tins

no one tells you about the *** workers
who work for biscuits
but paid in peanuts

walking through John Coltranes garden
hearing Nirvana
cause he likes them
James Dec 2019
have you ever heard of
a Victoria
who spells Victoria
with a W

cause I knew one
oh she was fun
cycled like the sun
you could put her in a bun
with a bunch of W's

have you ever heard of
a Victoria
who spells Victoria
with a W
James Nov 2019
friendly with starvation
and friendly with the guards
but no one goes hungry
when the prisoners are in charge

billionaires are second-class
'god bless the debit cards'
we run around in circles
without Marx in charge
James Nov 2019
queenies gone, she's gone for today
I wont see her tomorrow to today
the lamp bulb needs changing, but I'm too small
I'd share my tooth salt water with her, till I'm eighty four

when she came back, I was cello-taped to the floor
I couldn't tell you how, I was just that bored
the people here hurt my head, and eat all my dreams
an appetite so big, I had to double up on greens
James Nov 2019
Going for coffee, when the heat is strong.
Chained to this table, humming this song.                                                
Christmas dinner is in Mexico, New Years on Mars.
Making love to the depression, that’s been here from the start.
There's women in the windows, they are all scarred.
I should have seen it coming, but the heat was not strong.
James Nov 2019
if you need some time
just have some of mine
don't feel obliged
if we collide

on this starry night

we don't like anything alphabetical  
and we don't like suit and ties
we don't like disaster capitalists
and we don't like the outside

on this starry night
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