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Suhas Ghoke Sep 2018
She often ask me how do u write in such a beautiful way?
U often make  feel me that someone knows my feelings better than me .
How should I say what she means to me .
Listen to my heart it screams out ur name .
You are my light in day and dark
I am ur half moon and ur my full star .
You are joy in  my heart
Sparkle in my eye,
Light in my life  .
You are the  winds to my wings ,
You are the steps to my dance ,
You are voice to my song
You are the reason for breathing .
Purpose for thriving ,
Cause for living .
You are as sweet as honey
Cute as bunny ,
Ur my girl
Whom I proudly called My honey bunny .
                   ~Suhas Ghoke
Suhas Ghoke Aug 2018
Wondering !!!
With this head , heart have no clues .
Is there anyone out there who can tell me from what I am going through ??
Numb feeling all over .
Throat dried up
Glass of water in my hand
Quenching my thirst .
So I sat on my chair thinking all about ...,
Going through a terrible back pain .
Clock ticking slowly ,
Time floating away from minutes to hours and hours to day ,
Day after day
I wish I could talk to u till end of the day
I hope and I pray for this moment to stay ,
To stay now and stay forever , i wonder
The void in my heart , but that all changed when I met u .
Then I came to realize you are always on  my mind
You r funny and sweet .
You make me laugh and smile .
You take away my all anger and sadness
You make me weak when I talk to u .
Then I started to write poems about u
Now I have come to realize that I am hopelessly in love with u .
I guess u are my  poetry.
These words connect us and the pen that I am holding
give me same warmth as that of ur hands .
                             ~Suhas Ghoke
Suhas Ghoke Aug 2018
Close ur eyes and spread ur wings.
Make a wish and dream good dreams
Dream in black or white but dream well and wise .
Dream a new experience .
Imagine a world in which all dreams come true and everyone would do what they loved to do .
What kind of world it really be if it was built for every ' me '.

My dreams disobey me
Every time I close my eyes it's mine but it takes me to u .
U be my moon , let me be the star ,
When close to u i would love to get my existence dissolved in ur charm .

I envy how lucky you are , to have poem about yourself write and still not give a ****
Feed me stories and food
Tell me ur dreams , take me to roads
You have not seen .
Love me deep , love me slow
You complete my world like an everlasting glow

                                   ~ Suhas Ghoke
Suhas Ghoke Aug 2018
Her shoes
Small and pretty ones .
She said u had no clue what my blue shoes are going through .
She had a shoe bite ,
She was uncomfortable .
The shoe soul weak holded just came out .
What the hell !!
She looked down at her feet with black eyes
She was worried .
Her innocence and beautiful face lost the charm
She cursed herself for the shoe she wore .
Brought a day just before from a big  shoe store .
She loved her little tiny ones and the branded trust
A mere 2 days and the pair went bust !!
I had no clue what to do ?
As it was raining outside  
Seeing her misery , i didn't feel cool  and I was worried about her humble feet .
Going barefooted along the road could not be fun .
Cellotape all over shoes was only idea left and looking for cobbler the another one .
Walking down  the street with broken shoe
I felt for her ,but nothing i could do .
With her walked in the shoe shop , she was blessed .
New pair and the smile on her face .
I said just chill and be happy , u got to share this moment with me bcz we haven't talked in a while .
She reminds we have to go home soon .
We rushed for the train .
She was happy though , no crowd , she could seat and  reach home . Waved my hand  and I could only  give her good wish .
All along the way I was thinking about her , had a laugh too but what if I would have gone through !!
She thanked me and was happy with her new shoes .
Indeed me too .
A day to be remembered .
                                                   - Suhas Ghoke

— The End —