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Rita B Aug 2018
You came to me in my dream
You hugged me tightly
I felt the warmth of your love
Radiating all around me
I wanted to stay there forever
My dog's barked and reality dawned
But the feeling lingered
I floated around all day
Basking in the aura
Blissfully unaware that dark days were looming
Rita B Aug 2018
Been Many months since I've seen your face
Now your gone and its too late
Why did I choose to walk away
One angry word that weighed too heavy
A love that endured many wounds already
The bond was strong
A magnetic pull
I stopped myself from letting you in
The Truth I was denying from within
A relationship wanted with all my heart
We could never make it
We could never last
I closed my eyes
I closed my ears
I didn't listen to your pleas
I told myself it was for the best
I pretended I was doing well
A like on Facebook, a smiley face
Now I feel like an absolute disgrace
You needed me
I wasn't there
Feeling unwell, Feeling alone
No comfort, No warmth, So far from home
You didn't ask , You didn't tell
Just slipped away without saying goodbye
Everyday I think of you and cry
My Dark Star, My Love, My Friend
To see your face is all I want
But it's too late now your gone

— The End —