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Matthew Oct 2018
Didn't figure I'd ever find myself
So far down again
So desperate to stay numb
Its just easier than
Dealing with the pain
In circles
Kick the can down the road
You can do what you want to
Whenever you want to
Big nothing
Matthew Oct 2018
I been sleeping so strange at night
Side effects they don't advertise.
I been sleeping so strange with a head full of pesticide
Matthew Oct 2018
In a burning pine forest
Burning ash falling about
The devil and god are raging inside me
Does anyone recognize what I'm.. No,
Probably not
Matthew Oct 2018
It becomes so natural
Extension of yourself
Extensions of yourself
It is not done
It simply is
I do not practice archery to ****
I practice to live
On planted feet
Finger and kiss point
Meet under pressure
It is not done it simply is
Matthew Oct 2018
Alcohol should be
Alcohol should be
Alcohol, one would think,
But each has its own
His own
Or her own particulites
making them truly
Of the earth

This white wine for instance
Has a certain
How do you say?

I shot three arrows today
A triangle spread around the bullseye
Was close enough
With the smell of grass
And setting sun
Matthew Oct 2018
They can never touch me again
My body will endure trials
But my soul will be untouched
Lock me in a cage, throw away the key. Still they can't take my heart from me. If I don't die, I will rise again, capable of loving. The light still within me.
Matthew Sep 2018
All I know to stay sane right now
Take another sip
Burn another one
What was it? Xanax?
Doesn't matter
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