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Figmunt 4d
Write on that paper I say to me.
But, deep between the micro layers its already written.
So.. I write on top of millions of what has been older than me.
I arrive back to live and love now.

No future and no past - just here in a moment to share on
pixel paper with who ever reads this.
It seems to me there is only now, kindness and hope.
Everything else is a thought before paper.
Figmunt Nov 2020
Clarity of vision
Twixed and twined
Love and life is blind
Mean it - take it - bind it..
You will never know what it holds-
trust it with open kindness.

No one can trust it
No surprise it fails.

Simply trust your self as you know you trust
your body to breath while you sleep.

Universe of light and encouragement of life
will always be. 80.000 before and more after.
Figmunt Nov 2020
Rain scatters across widows.
Bump - the sound.. strange.
lazy afternoon, get up and look -

A little bird huddles in the corner outside.
Run out and lift little warm body in hand.

Stare down at envelope of fingers holding precious
bird and feel the breathing and fast heart beat..

Connect sublime in a way that, is an instant feeling of sorrow.
Little bird shudders in my hand, softens and lay lifeless.

Natures connect - is the loudest word and feeling.
Figmunt Nov 2020
Best you respect yourself - whether you kak yourself out- or happy for 2 mins a day. look after your kids - hate everyone else in the world cause they all wrong anyway. ~Floss and brush your teeth till they tiny this helps anger issues.. if not - tattoo your whole face to look like your toe nails. Or fake some of it, some of life you dont agree with. Just until the next glorious curry ****.. Then remember life is what you make it. Kak all the way to the end. **
Figmunt Nov 2020
Run to the phone box ..
Coins clinking in pocket.. run, run..
I have something to say - rain pouring.
Drenched, running and splashing now.
Someone in box.. jumping up and down with excitement
waiting.... Finally they finish and its my turn to tell her I love her!
Dial quick... ring ring..ring ring..
Voice - hello
Hi its me !
Voice who?
I want to say i.....
Figmunt Nov 2020
Its just me thinking while I sleep.
Figmunt Mar 2020
Mass of people say something together at the same time,
What about earth?
Earth listen to mass.
The answer arrives.
Then mass behave like crazy children needing loo roll and sweets..
Now naughty step will calm children.. to see WHY we said what about earth.

Love and respect.

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