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Figmunt Sep 28
Say it !

Wiki- give a long, loud, piercing cry or cries expressing extreme emotion or pain.

Loud it !
Filter-less feeling of, I dont know what the **** !

Breach it !
Get over being quiet.

Never close it !
Live life as you were little..and believe in magic

End it.
Dont end this amazing adventure !
Life here is wonderful - feel, touch and overwhelming.

Maybe No 4?


Concrete living.
Walk near trees.

Filter they always.
Figmunt Sep 26
I feel
After 49 years of various loves and self sabotage
I can only love another human
As much
As I can
Love myself

I still find that truth very difficult to believe.
Figmunt Sep 22
Cause I wanted to know why everyone likes that.
Its aways about hurt.
Please people - must we all be suffering our own *******.
Figmunt Sep 20
I dont know how to make this a poem.
Figmunt Sep 4
Give me
I need
you give
I demand
We regret
I am me
You are a ship sailing away
Demand is to release
We are playing in the sandpit of life.
re lation ship
Figmunt Sep 3
Servant of what.
Me ?
Im not a servant to see..
Im simply a result to society, yes a person
who has no idea of Doctren bestowed on me.

I blame my lack of seeing whats in front of me.
When I was a child, I did see and feel everything.

Now its gone - I am a serpent of we.

Little sharp mind again, wish for freedom.

Maybe thats the Servant.
Figmunt Sep 3
When the ripples of a moment move out.
I wait for the motion to arrive back to me
Waiting is clear thing we all need.
Wait for ripples to come back to thee.
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