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Cecil Feb 22
Sweet lady you have my heart.
When you smile,
The sun shines brightly.
And should a tear wet your cheek,
The clouds gather.

WE are not able to FEEL alone.
Synchronicity exists
In our heartbeat rhythm.
You cannot take a breath
Lest I breathe too.

We live pain for pain, joy for joy.
Always in sharing,
Eyes together with hands clasped.
Giving, forgiving,
Do we know which is which?

Sweet lady you have my heart.
Whether you smile,
And sunshines brigthly,
Or a tear wets your cheek,
My heart remains yours.
Poets are forever writing about LOVE.  This is another sappy love poem.  Or is it?  I have never even touched my muse, yet she knows me better than anyone has.  How could that have happened?
Cecil Feb 14
Just make me shrug.
How to live:
- Never plan
- Never give up
- Always give in
But only with a vision
My notes belonged in the poem!  I did not see that until I re-read it later.  Never be too proud to admit your mistakes
Cecil Jan 8
You do me your love,
You do me.
And I my love,
Do you.
And with this doing done,
Beneath the sun,
Is any left undone?

Have we drawn a line,
Real or in mind,
And stopped
Before we finished?

Did we hold back,
Or somehow lack,
And thus
We were diminished?

Our words unsaid,
Things left for dead,
Will be
Our great undoing.

So let the do,
With me and you
The great undoing.
True love is submission.  Lines drawn limit love.  Our Father loved us so much that He let us **** him in order to rise again and make us perfect through saving grace.
Cecil Dec 2018
I was still saying “teen”
At the end of my age
When someone gave me
And told me
It would change me

I stepped outside that night
Looked up
And saw
For the first time
How deep
The stars really were.

Today some think
I should apologize.
Today some think
Of my foolishness.
But the twinkle in my eye
Came from that starry night.

I won’t say it…
I’m not sorry...
A representative event in my life.  I have stopped apologizing for where I have been, because the sum of it all is what I am today, and I am OK with that.
Cecil Dec 2018
You, my dear sweet love
Have seen me complete and raw.
Still your eyes sparkle.
A very poor attempt at Haiku.  Written for one person.  She understands.
Cecil Nov 2018
I think
How wonderful it would feel,
Your lips on mine
Soft and gentle…
Yet intent.


And your smiling,


Sometimes poems represent memory, sometimes desire.  This one makes me think of Tantalus.  Where will it place you?
Cecil Nov 2018
Are my
I have given you the key.
It unlocks all things…
...within my heart.

Unlock it.
Open wide.
Truly look.

There it is,
All the JUNK.
Dig through it,
Eager, as a child.
Finding all the TREASURES…
...amidst the junk.

You alone  (my ONE)
Will find.
You (only YOU)
Will see.

You look through eyes that LOVE.
Some never learn the freedom of giving things away, especially the KEY.
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