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Bruce Levine Jan 4
Slaying the dragon
And opening the heart
Like wind-swept hair
Tousled by the hand of fate

Offering solace in a turbulent world
Remembering happy moments
Long ago and past
While dreaming of happy moments
Yet to come

Bruce Levine Dec 2018
Every day
Is another day
Golden moments
Empty moments
Passing time
Filled with
New meanings
Happy memories
Built on longings
Now replaced
With the satisfaction
Of a life delivered
Free from torment
Moving forward
On a raceway
Paved with roses
Floating through time
Making every day
Another day
To remember

Bruce Levine Dec 2018
Christmas wishes
Happen once a year
In times of joy
And times of cheer

Lending mem’ries
And sharing dreams
Happy endings
With friends it seems

Brightly lighting
The festive yule
As children enjoy
Days off from school

To good companions
And to all those dear
A Merry Christmas
And Happy New Year

Bruce Levine Dec 2018
Snowflakes falling on frozen tree limbs
Festooned now with red and gold
Candy canes like peppermint soldiers
Help to guard the young and old
Silver bells and colored bright lights
Helping merry times unfold
Santa’s elves bring yuletide magic
Telling stories twice retold

Cinnamon sticks to stir hot chocolate
Tonics to fill our hearts with cheer
Holiday magic to brighten the morning
Santa’s sleigh with all nine reindeer
Cakes and cookies filling baskets
Ice cream snowmen travel near
Happy mem’ries of childhood fancies
Lighten hearts throughout the year
Bruce Levine Dec 2018
An ordinary cold is a hateful thing
With sneezes and wheezes and coughing that bring
Tremulous moments while holding one’s breath
Trying to stave off once more a feeling of death.

The mornings of glory no longer abound
The nights filled with snoring, a ghastly old sound.
With days hard to get through and work gone askew
While others are playing or getting their due.

No more feeling happy, no more feeling sad
There’s only the feeling of just feeling bad
And hope of recov’ry that once seemed so near
Is lost like a mem’ry and moments of fear.

As days filled with sneezing and wheezing move on
And glimmers of hope that this cold will be gone
For sooner or later there must be a day
When the ordinary cold has outlived its stay.
Bruce Levine Dec 2018
Empty laughter
Often fading
Among the trees
Of the nether-fold
Nirvana forsaken
Amidst the storm
Of the infinite
Paradoxical anagrams
Representing the
Vortex of time
Leaving in isolation
The magnitude
By a destiny removed
Renamed yet unknown
As a symbol
A metaphor
Held in an ironic
Twist of fate
Longing for the impossible
Parodies etched in paradiddles
Refocused without rhyme
Now forsaken
Amid the Pine Barrens
Of time

Bruce Levine Dec 2018
Good artists borrow
Great artists steal
A Picasso quote
I look in the mirror
I see myself
And yet I paint
With Picasso strokes
Picasso lines
Picasso designs
Am I possessed
By Picasso?
Do I have to dress
Like Picasso?
Survival of the fittest
Am I only a part of the
Picasso food chain?
Does Picasso reach out,
A brush in hand,
Stroking a canvass
‘Til I understand?
Am I an emissary,
A foible for his art?
Do I face stagnation?
Do I play a part?
But no small parts
Only small actors
I retrace my steps
I look again in the mirror
I find my reality
Picasso is dead
And I live on
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