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Bruce Levine Oct 2019
Blistering weather withers
As cooler climes take over
Revealing the emptiness that surrounds
Pervading the hollowness that echoes
Like an empty cavern
Floating through a ravine of longing
For the improvements that signal
Regaining the equanimity
Of our own circle of life
Holding fast to passions and fancies
Foibles and follies
Hopes and dreams
Fears and failures
Following the road to the precipice
Holding hands
Always reaching for the next plateau
Always seeking the unanswered question
And laughing
To cover up the unknown
The sham laughter of sorrow
To hide the tears
That flow too readily for propriety
Yet shrink with hope
And rise again
On a roller-coaster of fate
Bruce Levine Sep 2019
Light sits in a closet
awaiting revelation
And fine wine
withholds fermentation
from those
who refuse to drink
Understanding revealed
along a pathway
chosen by the heart
Sacred moments of triumph
afloat in a bottle
set adrift
to be plucked
out of the rapids
before the waterfall
carries dreams
in a sea of misunderstanding
and misdirection
Course adjustments calculated
by redefining who you are
Seeking enlightenment
with tentative steps
while being bold
Forgetting and forgiving
on a path moving forward
Awakening to a new reality
and a future to behold

Bruce Levine Sep 2019
(for Lydia on an anniversary)

A half-dozen Little Necks
Clams on the half shell
Whetting the appetite
Eaten raw
A squeeze of lemon
And cocktail sauce
A perfect respite

Afternoon snack
With a bowl of clam chowder
Or a prelude to an entrée
Like trout almandine
With crabmeat stuffing
An ideal combination
For dinner any day

Supper after theatre
A lovely aperitif
With after theatre talk
A half-dozen Little-Necks
And a seafood soufflé
Impeccable repast
Before a homeward walk
Bruce Levine Sep 2019
A kangaroo in paradise
Hopped along the shore
Happily hopping over waves
The surf a foamy roar

Starfish and sea horses
Stood aghast sheltered by a lee
To see a kangaroo within their view
And wondered if this can actually be

If paradise for kangaroos
Is happily hopping by the sea
Maybe next time you might find
A kangaroo is happy in a tree

So next time you’re at the shore
Keep an eye where ‘ere you go
One never knows where paradise
Or kangaroos will show

Bruce Levine Sep 2019
A cool breeze assaults the heat
     of another summer afternoon
Bringing relief and a hint
     of fall lingering on the horizon
A new season cooling the air
     and painting the trees a myriad of hues
Festival glories revisiting daydreams
     with harvests and goblins and beer fests galore
A time for reflection as days slowly shorten
     and nights cool for sleeping content and relaxed
As fall reawakens splendid sensations
     of cool breezes assaulting another summer day

Bruce Levine Sep 2019
A hint of fall
Relief from fetid days of summer
With breaths of crisp air
Highlighting September
As August creeps toward closing
And seasonal transitions
Make way for new delights

Changes in fashion
Mark changes in momentum
As lethargy yields
To harvest repasts
With bountiful splendor
Like foam on a beer stein
The colors of autumn
Refresh and invite

Time for renewal
Feelings internal
Opens the soul
Opens the eyes

Days moving forward
Toward holiday seasons
Joy to behold
As fam’lies unite

A hint of fall
Refreshes the senses
Like a cold brew in October
Or a carnival ride
A soupçon of freshness
Like meditation reveals candor
The cool autumn pleasures
Flow in with the tide
Bruce Levine Sep 2019
Autumn brings rebirth
The closing out of summer
And the renewal of the cycle
Signifying a time of regeneration
With cool, crisp golden mornings

Faster time paces
As the days grow slightly shorter
And momentum challenges
The fledgling generation
To rekindle itself anew

No more a time of consumption
Or empty days of dreary longing
But a momentary highlight
That expunges the emblematic
And erases the scars of lassitude
And lethargic days that summer brings

The bounty of fall’s beginnings
Fills trees with yellow splendor
And refocuses the thirst that redefines
The topography of the soul

No longer the empty moments
Of fantasies forgotten
That sorrows never cling to
And time alone can’t quell

Only the rebirth of autumn
As the harvesting of last year
Cleanses fields and forests
Making way for new born buds
That reveal through empty spaces
Left by falling embers
Of things that are best forgotten
And glories yet to come
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