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Moonlight Dec 2019
You open your eyes
To world at once
Because its your day
Its your birthday

You grow and grow
And left a year to year
Watching good and bad
Feeling happy and sad

You don’t know what is happen
Time is go as suden
With different questions in your mind
You always try to be kind
This life is travel
Your story is novel
Reaching your best
Be full with happiness ❤️
Moonlight May 2019
Life is a boomerang,
You get what you give
There is not any coincidence
Every happiness and sadness has it’s reason!
Moonlight May 2019
It is good to learn and observe unwritten rules of life because this action will gradually lighten your future!
Moonlight Feb 2019
I would like to find myself whom i lose in the crowd,

I would like to find the friends whom i can easily confide,

I would like to get my bliss which woke each one admire,

And to get my joy which made everyone to smile ,

I would like to reach my joy of life which could go to top of scale,

And to find my eyes which sparkled one time,

I would like to find my heart which rejoiced inside,

I would like to find the LOVE which will full with happiness whole of my life ❣️
Moonlight Feb 2019
Let the LOVE to tell
About it’s purity and safety
About it’s depth and clasp
About it’s sweetness and kindness
Give freedom to ❤️LOVE ❤️
And Love brings you the best feelings
Which you don’t have before ❣️
Moonlight Jan 2019
Life is spectacle so we are artists of the play. And life will determine the role for everyone which is unchangeable for each one !
Moonlight Dec 2018
Snowflakes come down
Christmas trees are shine
Snowing in everywhere
Wishing happiness forever

New year bring us  new life!
Let everyone be fine
Give presents, keep goodness
Left sorrow behind!
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