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At a time of negativity
Be positive
Be thankful
For loved ones, family and friends
For your experiences
For the life you have

At a time of great strife
Be thankful
For the many blessings
that have graced you

At a time of darkness
Reach for the light
Let it lift you
Let it inspire you
Let it help you lift others
Be thankful

At a time of difficulty
Reach for the easy
Be thankful

Look around you
See what there’s to see
Experience life to the fullest
Enjoy every day
Treasure each moment
Give love
Instead of hate
Offer kindness
Instead of cruelty
Make someone smile
Fill your heart with joy
Pass it on to another
Be thankful
With gratitude
You are magic
A magician
Like Merlin
Years ago you cast a spell
It still remains

You are magic

A real magician
Everything you touch has wonder
Your smile is bright like sunshine
Your laughter is generous
You make the world better

You are magic

Your walk is melodic
Your eyes are kind twinkling with mischief
You enchant anyone you meet
Children adore you

You are magic

Everything you do is magical
Everything you touch is golden
You seem to almost float
Your spirit is light

You are magic
In every way

There is no doubt you cast a spell on me

You are magic
You are a fairytale
Like what is written in books
A true prince in every way
When I look at you I can hardly believe it
That after all this time I am here
With you

When I first met you
I couldn’t believe you were real
You were handsome
You were exotic
You were the epitome of perfection
You dazzled like a gemstone
You are rare like a fine wine

Together we became a miracle
Together we fit
You were my puzzle piece
I was yours

And over time
We became a fairytale
We still are
There is a grey colored mist floating through the air almost like a haze in the air

The sun is starting to come up over the horizon – a hot pink ball slowly rising over the sea

A man is standing on the beach facing out to the water, bare feet buried in the sand

He lets the ocean waves gently wash across his feet

The water is neither too hot nor cold, it is just right

He is wearing a muted grey colored sweater

Standing with his hands in his pockets, he is facing the water, watching, listening to the pounding of the

waves as a soothing drum beat ever so slowly

He closes his eyes to listen and smell the salt in the air like perfume

The sounds and smells calm him – leave him with a sense of peace

He then opens his eyes and looks off to the right, down the beach

He sees a woman slowly approaching him from a distance

She is walking slowly to the beat of the waves

He closes his eyes once again, waiting for her

Then he opens his eyes and sees her standing by him now watching and listening to the roar of the raspy

They smile to each other, grasp hands, turn and continue walking down the beach together....
This morning I woke up alone

You were not there
I was indeed alone
For some reason it hit me hard
Like a punch
Right in the heart
It felt like a form of withdrawal
I think I am addicted to you

This morning I woke up alone

You were not there
The apartment seemed empty
Even hollow
Only filled with my noise

This morning I woke up alone

You were not there
It hit me deep into my core
My spirit shook
It remembered another time
The feeling was similar
Long, long ago

This morning I woke up alone

The feeling was crushing
The silence deafening

I miss you dearly
It’s a cold winters day
Fall is leaving for the year
The sun is out against a bright blue sky
There are a few white clouds

Old man winter is knocking at the door

The wind is whipping through the trees at a frantic pace
The trees are almost bare
Grass has turned brown
Animals are seeking warmth

Old man winter is knocking at the door

The air is  crisp and tickles the nose
It’s bitter, and biting against the skin
There’s a dusting of snow scattered around
People are out dressed in winter coats and hats

Old man winter is knocking on the door once again
Clear blue skies
Crisp air
Leaves on the ground
Smells of pine
Hot chocolate in mugs
Egg nog and apple cider
It's the season

Turkey cooking
Stuffed with special dressing
Family and friends all around
It's the season

Holiday parades
Santa dressed up
Music in the air
It's the season

Goodwill and peace
Feelings of gratitude
Quiet in the air
It's the season

Bright colors everywhere
Trees decorated
Cities put on their best
It's the season

Pies and cookies being baked
Snow gently falling
Fires burning slowly in fireplaces
It's the season
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