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Alvaro Avila Sep 2023
Think of you I do
When the clouds gather
And the Spring
Flowers bloom

Think of you I do
When the world is silent
Absent of sound
And you send the warm Sunlight
Beaming down

Think of you I do
Forever in time
You are always on my mind
As i wait for the moment , my love
Cause you're all I think of

To when and maybe then
Might these eyes
get to see you smiling
My dear old friend

A Poem for Michelle
Alvaro Avila Jul 2023
And the sadness never ends
It surrounds me when Im all alone
It hides itself from everyone inside my room,
While it whispers quietly to pretend

But the sadness will never end
It refuses to stop
It remembers hard times and low places
It confines me to quiet dark spaces
But sadly never ends

Its embedded in every tick of a clock
Its encoded into everything that i think
And everything that Ive thought

It has inserted itself in all the places
That once made me smile
Its given me new purpose in life,

It can make everyone believe im
Someone im not
As it makes me retrieve memories
That id rather had kept forgot

But sadly for me, it will never end but forever live on...

Even long after we're Gone

Alvaro Avila Mar 2023
We are the futures
Pleasant past
The fallen sand
Through an hourglass
No matter how our conscious
Lives play out
At a small moment in time
We were here.and
Id be more then happy to say
If the future should somehow find this
Somewhere someway
To respect all, work hard
And have fun
Because of this experience
There is only one

Alvaro Avila Dec 2022
In this life
She is my world
My day begins and ends with her
I trust her with all of my personal issues
As she knows everything I hold dear to my heart
My deepest secrets
What I fear most & what I have no fear of
I believe I know hers as well
When she’s gone
How i miss her
When she’s near me
All I want to do is kiss her
When she’s sad
I’d like nothing more than to hold her
Come to think of it
I believe she’s the person I’d like to be with
When I’m older

A Poem for Michelle
Alvaro Avila Nov 2022
Even if the Sky’s weren’t always the brightest of blues
And Time I found to be nothing more then a tool id use
To measure how long I’ve been loving you

Even if the Sun suddenly shifted and shinned brightest
On the darkest side of the Moon
And even when my days left on this planet have dwindled down to only less then a few

I would want you to know that
You have always had my heart
And I will in death as in life be waiting to once again… see you

Alvaro Avila Aug 2022
The most stunning being
These eyes had ever seen
My thoughts the first time we met
A moment i could never forget
Like the Moon needs the Sun
And this Planet
The oceans and Seas
We needed each other
I was so into you
And you were so into me
We grew up together
And eventually by two more
Ashley and Samantha
Names so beautiful
I etched them on a tree in my dreams
Next to mine and yours
It reads
May we all meet here in Heaven
At this World's end
So that our souls could all be together
Once again

Just reflecting
Alvaro Avila Dec 2021
Holidays without you
Is something i still find hard to do
From dusk till dawn
I live tears of a sad song
You're there without me
And im here without you
Besides waiting
What else can i do

Merry Christmas Susana
I miss you
More then words can say
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