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Elena Pellis Apr 2018
she folded her life like origami

made what was so large into something so small, bending and creasing her edges perfectly so no one could tell she was struggling

until she filled what seems like no room at all.

she learned to say sorry even when she did nothing at all.

she learned she was a burden for taking up space. so she learned that she was the one that needed folding not her life, So in her self she went folding each and every part that needed mending she would repeat over and over again till there was nothing else that needed fixing till she could feel whole again.

this girl still does not feel whole she's still struggling and I can see it in her eyes. she smiles just to take the emptiness away. she cries because that's when she feels whole. she trust hoping the lesser will understand.....

There's This Girl....

— The End —