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Ian S Aug 2020
Friday afternoon and the weather was so fine, pink "cotton-candy-like" clouds perfectly dispersed over the bluest sky above us.
Nothing but the whimsical tune of the wind, the melodic songs of the birds and the lost-like buzz of the bees succeeded to make us feel that we were already far from chaos, far from toxicities, and far from the nonsenses of the human world.
Tantalizing like her eyes, the oceans borrowed light from the disappearing Sun that it sparkled like a million of tiny floating diamonds.
Happy, careless and free, we wandered along the tall happy-waving grass and at the cliff-side of the mountain she stopped. She stood right in front of me, she was facing the whole city as the Sun lit her long and wavy hair that it amazingly turned into "pink-red with a few of orange" colour.
Out of her busy-ness staring at the mountain shaped like crocodile, I was there at her back picking some wild flowers while staring at her; smiling, secretly admiring her beauty, yearning I could somehow dive and let myself drown into the cascade of the mystery of her thoughts.
Feeling lost and overjoyed, I threw some of the wild flowers into the thin air and watched it slowly fell freely over the top of my head down into the lonely side of my left toe; it artistically scattered below me, mimes a lost treasure like a boxes of golden key.
Considering the fact that time isn't a friend, and I never really wanted to let go of that moment, I took a photograph of her- standing still with her head gazed up high, her hair's twirling along with the rhythm of the wind whilst her hands clenched unto the corners of her waist- where in that moment I thought would last forever, if only it would last forever, if only I could grasp that moment more longer, and longer, hoping it ends no more.
Ian S Nov 2018
Marry me under the stars, in an enchanted garden.
Let the billion stars be our priests,
The fireflies be our guests,
The windblows be our music,
And the flowers be the proof of our love that will endure forever.
Ian S Jun 2018
I wish I am in front of you looking at your hair, how it gracefully falls over your neck and shoulder and your eyes, yes your eyes, it speaks how amazing you are and your soul too is perfectly lighting up the shadows of the empty rooms in me ~

And your smile is the sweetest thing I am sure that ever existed in this bitter but mysterious and vague world we're all in.
Ian S Apr 2018
In a far off view of the horizon, where the sun decided to bathe itself in the ocean, he sat and clinched his six-year-old guitar under the euphoric pink-orange color of the sky.

He looked up and saw birds kissing in a single tree,
Loved the shore and the waves and its brusquerie,
Laid down and smiled and felt free,
Closed eyes and travelled at the perigee.

Oh how thoughts dribbled unto his brain,
Oh how he could write a lonesome song and sing,
Moments of joy and laughter in the rain,
Same place, same memories, and same name,
Will she ever come back to him again?
Ian S Mar 2018
In this dungeon of oblivion
I am screaming your name,
In this dungeon of oblivion
I know nothing but pain,

In this dungeon of oblivion,
I am searching for lights,
Hoping I might somehow survive this everlasting plight,

In this dungeon of oblivion,
Is where you can find me,
Revealing mystery sometimes hidden in a poetry,

Crush me, pulverize me
But in this dungeon of oblivion
I'll still wait and see,
How the void fill my soul and take me to eternity.
Ian S Mar 2018
As I tossed and turned and battled with the blankets in my bed,
As I blinked and smiled and catch my breath,
I thought of you.

I thought of how your hair beautifully tangled up your head and how the curls of it makes my heart skip a bit.

And then I thought of you.

I thought of how your smile makes my whole world stop and crumble at the same time, and at the same time thought of how lucky I am I met a soul like you.

And then I thought of you.

I thought of how your eyes brighten up the darkness of my soul and how I am lost by it. I am lost in your eyes I could gaze in it forever.

And then I thought of you.

I thought of how we could dance all day long, together with all our favorite music, listening to the beat of our hearts and feel nothing but the sound created by the music of our souls perfectly playing together as one.

And then I paused, for a moment...
And caught myself staring into the ceiling.
I smiled, and then soliloquized,
"You really are a dreamer, aren't you? You dream too much that the universe could throw a massive asteroid at your face and sarcastically laugh at your thoughts for it is really as impossible as the sun would set as early in the morning and rise just before you drink your last bottle of wine in the evening, yeah?"

— The End —