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A part of me left with you
a part of me that time
never brought back
part of my smile, part of my dreams
a part that I can't explain, but
I feel the emptiness inside
the part flowers lack before they die
the part that makes the moon shine
a part of me that I don't know
how to get back
I hope you are happy and full of life
I hope your dreams materialized
I wish the part of me
that left with you
will live forever in your heart
I dreamed of you last night
I don't know why?
after so many years
you came back to my mind
I want you to know
I forgave you long ago
for all that you did and did not
I have nothing against you
I understood that you did
what you did becuase
it was easier for you
due to your lack of character
and manhood combine
with your full ignorance
you never stopped to realize
how much pain you inflicted
on my mother, my brother and I
God is great, time heals all wounds
without you knowing
without you realizing
you gave me the best gift
I learned at an early age
not to be like you
I am a great father
I care about my son
love him to dead
I always put him first,
I will help him become a great man
is funny how life turns out
I am a better person
a better man, sometimes my son
asks about you
I don't have anything to say, so sad that you were not a real man
Today I came back to the place
where I met you, where
we had our first kiss
so many memories here
my heart beats so fast
just thinking about them
I walked to our tree
I don't know if you remember
when we carved
our names inside a forever heart
is still here
I sat under its shadow for a little bit
I could not tell him that
you are not with me, so I just left
you can erase it if you want
whenever you come around here
I walked down the beach
so many memories here
like our names on the sand
I remember when we sat here
waiting for the sunset
who would it thought that years later we wouldn't be here together
thank you for everything
I know these memories
will never be erased
from your heart or from my heart
no matter what, no matter
who comes next to our lives
Gary Zambrano Mar 17
Just another day thinking of you
wishing you were here with me
in my mind I have you next to me
we are talking and laughing
then I wake up
my bed is empty, I feel sad
I don't know
how to bring you here with me
I wish your arms
were wrap around my body
I wish I could hug you
kiss you, I keep imagining you
you're beautiful
you're passionate and ****
you want to do so many things
but when I open my eyes
you are not here with me
where are you?, only you know
but if you can hear me
please come here with me
I'm looking for you
I'm waiting for you
I don't know if you will read this
or if anyone will tell you
about it, but if you do, know
I will be standing here
waiting for you
with my heart in my hands
so that you can make it whole
and bring him back to life......
Gary Zambrano Feb 14
Another February 14th
another day that you are not here
I just remember the last
Valentine's Day
when you were with me
full of smiles
and dreams when we
had all these goals
to accomplish, how foolish of me
I was in love
I know is February 14th again
I wish I could take all the kisses,
the hugs, the nights when
we made love
give them back to you
I wish, I could take
the part of my heart
that loved you
tear it up and give it
back to you
another February 14th
Cupid looks at me
he's pointing his arrow
to my heart and says
it's time to do it again
I really don't want to
at least not just yet
I know I will love
and trust again
I know I will make
another woman smile
feel happy and full of love
just not today
Gary Zambrano Jan 26
What a beautiful dream
our eyes were locked
into each other's
our hearts were beating
at the same bit
our minds were just thinking
about the past
how glad we were
we could be together
in the same dream
memories of yesterday
the best of all the things we did
we were smiling
I can't even describe what I felt holding your hand
touching your face looking you
in the eyes
talking with no words
reaching your soul and mine
a beautiful dream is stored somewhere in my mind
I will keep it there until I am ready
to say Goodbye....

Author: Gary Zambrano
Gary Zambrano Dec 2018
If you leave tomorrow
leave me your eyes
so that, I can find my way
in the darkness
of the days that are waiting for me
if you leave tomorrow
leave me your smile
that way I can cover
the sad side of mine
if you leave tomorrow
leave me your touch
that way I won't feel
loneliness at night
I will feel that you are
still here with me
if you leave tomorrow
leave me your strength
that way this pain won't feel
as bad as it feels
if you leave tomorrow
just remind me how can
I continue without you
what am I supposed to do
how do I tell my heart
to stop asking for you
If you leave tomorrow
please close the door
to make sure you are
not coming back
take all the memories from
the things we did
if you leave tomorrow
there will be not more pages
to our poetry book
our story ends here
if you leave tomorrow
I wish you the best
don't look back
just forget about yesterday
I will do the same, even if I have to
take my heart out of my chest...
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