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Aishwarya Nov 2017
I see the world churn,
Sinking in oblivion and burn.
The dull and meaningless eyes,
Mechanically working in disguise.
Hands creak and squeak,
The burden of society making them weak.
This thoughtless acceptance of life,
Has brought knowledge with no strife.
When will the sweet breeze be felt?
When will this indifference melt?
The answer lies in feeling the wonderment,
In the blood-rushing excitement,
To discover the "how" of things,
To grow beyond your simple being.
Being a romantic is not a simple act,
Courage and thirst are part of the tact.
it is for those who think,
For those minds ever on the brink.

So, inquire, and you'll go on a roller coaster,
A concoction of human life you'll foster.
Inquire, and you'll be struck with awe,
By the vastness of knowledge raw.
Inquire, and you'll be grateful for this,
For awakening you from ignorant bliss.
Aishwarya Nov 2017
Maybe it's that smell
Of dust settled on it well.
Maybe it's the realistic imagination
Which calls you to elope away from realization.
Maybe it is home calling out to you,
Telling you that times await to wipe out the blue.
Or Maybe it is the earnest yearning,
To feel the fuzz of human warmth softly glowing.
I have tumbled over rocks and pebbles
And tonight I sit here, in a crumble.
A roller coaster of a process,
squeezing out my emotional mess.
But all this rowing through
Will eventually lead me back anew.

— The End —