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J M Nov 2017
Talk of all how fast these weeks will go unkept
And all the words we said wont be left to forget
Hard to think these miles are so true
Scream silently and smile on cue
But she will paint faces in cardboard places
And I walk amongst the ever setting sunset
And she cries for angels in all the wrong spaces
As I crawl to make a point for my regrets
Walk the dock and slip to places no one sees
Keep behind a piece of what is supposed to be
Bend a page of all we used to keep
Hard to give up chances on fake southern dreams
But she will paint faces in cardboard places
As I work amongst the ever living dead
And her smile is contagious, ditzy and painless
Giving hope to all the focus up ahead
We slip into the vast uncertainty
Walk amongst the dead to wait and see
Speak against the grain and catch me in the rye
Run around and save us from our lies
J M Nov 2017
Take all that is left inside
Make a place to control the design
It only hurts when you want it to
Keep the answers in the walls and hide
Its sensible and lost its taste
Contracting labors and more burdens
While humming sounds of broken tapes
It was so simple then
Casual and cool with all our friends
It was so easy then
Twist our way through all the insinuations
As locked doors hide the tears
Lose the questions of flaccid danger
Take a chance on humble aspirations
Provoking thoughtful comical gimmicks
As this darkness finds peace in the remains
Finding a place to question martyrs
Send away the places all the secrets stay
It was so simple then
Casual and cool with all our friends
It was so easy then
Taking all that we can give
And all the lies make up for every sin
Hollowed hallways hold the sounds
Let the anger shake the doubt
It was so simple then
Casual and cool with all our friends
But it wasn’t easy then
Masking all the words we never said
J M Oct 2017
We danced through firewater
Years gone past
Sat through the arguments
That would always last
But the words always fell down to blank paper
I would be ashamed
I would take the blame
This tiny mansion helps us believe the notion
There could be a way through all of this commotion
Save the silence as we drink down the potion
I would be ashamed
I would take the blame
I will wear all your masks
just promise you’ll go away
Promise you find another lonely place to stay
J M Oct 2017
Its relentless
The way the tension must be broken
Through these words
Hard to know
That splitting even
Will now never work
It was selfish and regrettable
Yet I thought
That things could change
Unknowing of the inevitable
Blind to the truth
Raging in my head
Never was there a chance
It was always meant to be
An untouched polaroid picture
Lost in a unmarked box
That will never be obtained
Its difficult to acknowledge
After searching for the blame
As words have gone unspoken
Years have made a change
We can lavish in our castles
On the thrones of our successes
That make it seem
Like it was a dream
That never really happened
It wasn’t make believe
But was it real?
The seasons haven’t tarnished
The way it has all kept
It’s the silent burden of baggage
And all that is left unsaid
Its accepting that I can never drink
Another glass of that vintage red
And all that has been left
Is whiskey burning in my head
J M Oct 2017
So how can this make anything easier
Under country night sky’s brightly lit
Digital fire burns through the skin
And all that’s left is hollow bones, empty soul
Found a way to casually converse this illusion
Hoping for a place to make it through the night
Dance away, fall into a rustic hurricane
Never able to proceed, much obliged company
Shell of ourselves as I ache for this bar room fix
Its easy when the clouds have broken from the wind
These meager minds keep sleep a luxury
How do we move through these chemical days?
Keep a promise, keep the shadows at bay
Wash the courtyard, clean the masquerade
As these trucks pull up for blue collar hands
Those drinks need pouring, those heads need care
Shell of ourselves as I ache for this bar room fix
Its easy when the clouds have broken from the wind
Its easy when the distance between settles in
And when the dreary mornings speak uncertainty
Ready fuels and coffee made to play
All for not, the sun still shines away
Speculation masks an exchange for another day
J M Oct 2017
This apartment should have had an empty room
Not that I should complain I don’t pay the rent
You were supposed to leave your living room
She asks “how can we make it here?”
I guess I cant answer that
I guess I cant answer anything
I suggest we leave and find another way
Just drive aimlessly and with a purpose
There is no where else for us to go
The car turns into my fathers driveway and we say our goodnights
This wasn’t supposed to end like this
Think I will light a smoke before I rest my head
Make my way to the deck and think about what I should have said
Wonder why I come home
Wonder why I leave so many things left unsaid
Not ready to close my eyes but not sure if I need another beer
So I decide to crack a cold one and think about all the years
That I never said a word and never let go of my fear
I know I am too late but I want this too be true
But Monday I will fly out of sight
Just a phone call but a memory slighted by your touch
And its hard to make a story when I’m a catastrophe
While you have too many dreams
Its best for me to lay down
Best for me to hear your words
She asks “how can we make it here?”
I ask myself how I have even had a chance to keep it real
J M Oct 2017
Hard to watch as eyes fall short of ears
Failure to sink and burden fears
All out of truth and empty sheets
Lost all my faith in bathroom talk
Find all the burdens left to walk

Call another friend and make your case
Lost the relevance with mistakes
Clean the dishes and watch it fall
Always better for tomorrows stall

And I sit and stare at night
Follow mute dreams till I break of fright
Drive until the veins break away from eyes
Lost a purpose to win casual fights

Call another friend and make your case
Store away the drama to another place
Bleach the bathroom and watch it burn
Always better for everyone to learn

You shined bright when morning light shone in
Night sky’s ruined makeup and plastic sins
I miss the city and the late night line of reasons
I miss the peaceful days I could sleep with completion

— The End —