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Billy 13 Jan 6
I was happy to be introduced by my real name instead of my alias.
The idea of this may sound like craziness,
But I wanted the world to know and call me by the man I created.
Not to judge me because I am affiliated.

I never felt humiliated, only suffered from being discriminated.
By the unsophisticated that could not spell premeditated.
A small town with a long memory could make introducing yourself complicated.
So I became my own person, educated and celebrated.
A good reputation that was not fabricated.
A bad reputation that got intoxicated, incarcerated then liberated
Hope you like and thanks for reading
Billy 13 Jun 2020
What do I do now?

                                  What will I do next?

I don't know what I've done!
                 Next is done now.

              I will, do…
I , I've ….
                  What have I done?
Billy 13 May 2020
My heart goes beat,
Boom, boom,
It gets faster,
Boom, boom, boom,
Even faster ,
Boom, boom, boom, boom
Then it stops,
Billy 13 Feb 2020
Poseidon by the shore,
A hammer smashes thru the floor.
A new guest house by the sea,
It's creation aided by me.

To tell the truth I only really sweeped the floor.
There was a joiner to hang the door.
A painter to decorate,
The joiners left it in some state.
If I had a job, I may be called a plumbers mate.

John's the plumber and I'm his cousin.
The closest one out of over a dozen.
Closer in age than we are in height.
He was born to sell and loves to fight.
I seem to go wrong when I'm trying to do right.

Insecure, hesitation, missing the hit.
Where as good fortune and him seemed to fit.
He never waited for opportunity, he made his own.
Every chance I get I've blown.
Fortune favours the brave .
I thought I was a gladiator but in truth I'm just a slave.

Indebted to an employer that pays minimum wage.
Only thing you take home is stress and rage.
Making just enough so I can afford to die.
Pretending it's alright and living a lie.
So im trying my best to get a job working for John.
Where I am not a number who won't be missed when I'm gone.

There is a strong possibility this won't come true,
But I still gave notice and told my masters I'm thru.
My chances are 50/50 if you were placing a bet.
My back up plan is to abuse credit card debt.
Get a one way flight into the sunset.
Travel round Asia till it gets rejected.
Banged up aboard is what is to be expected.

After a few beers I peak then lose control,
Keeping me in line is my best mate Tia's role.
She first took me to paradise to save my soul.
Now saving her from herself is her only goal.

So im going on this adventure by myself.
A journey that would normally required a person with tremendous wealth.
Or an idiot who just had his credit card limit increased.
Who is smart enough to know he won't have to pay it back if he is deceased.

Give credit to a man who dies chasing a dream.
Who acknowledges money's only as real as you make it seem.
So two weeks from now I will be on my knees holding a board.
It could a varnished floor or a surfboard.
Either way, I'm about to jump to my feet.
And ride away from this life that almost had me beat.

— The End —