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the beauty of summer
the long lush grass
where she
so passionately
emptied her ****
stefan badham Feb 16
you don't have to rhyme
it's not a crime
even though I just did
stefan badham Feb 14
if nobody ever ever
cares for me
I will only be
more than happy
I don't want anyone
making my tea
wiping my ****
or helping me ***
so no care worker for me
unless I get really sick
and if she really cares
she is welcome
to take care of my ****
not about care workers
nothing to do with care workers
stefan badham Feb 12
stop staring at me
I won't tell you again
stop it
you're freaking me out
get the **** away
oh ****
it's a ******* mirror
I'm looking in
a ******* mirror
hey mother
you *****
you crazy *****
you crazy ******* *****
you rearranged my room
you touched my ******* mirror
stefan badham Feb 10
press ups on your ****
chewing rusty nails
get ready for war
yes sir
no sir
let sir *******
call him daddy
and that's an order
he likes being daddy
and it's good for you
good for your morale
to be ****** by sir
****** by daddy
makes a man of you
chew that concrete
drink that ****
clean those boots
who dares wins
for the generals and majors and all the other inadequate power mad bully boys who later substitute the playground for the parade ground
leave the flowers
in the ground
where they belong
shove the red hearts
the sickly poem
the drippy song
same old ****
leaves you dry
change the script
and maybe try
valentine's day
by the river bank
lying in the bushes
having a ****
see you in the bushes
stefan badham Jan 17
she played with my ****
it was great
the alarm went off
I was late
on the bus
I could not wait
recalling the dream
began to *******
heard the screams
along came fate
drove into a wall
everyone died
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