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SB Apr 2019
A happy soul got bumped into darkness and was cold for a very long time
Unable to recall how essential happiness was in her life
Never dreamt to view the path she deserved so kept sobbing in blind
One fine day a salvager caught her sight, prying to uncover her precious smile
With the belief and ray of sunshine, he sailed along beyond the sky
Charmed her into a universe with airy aurora and a unique depart  It twinkled on with the fragrance of privilege to which she belonged
She was honoured with the respect she deserved, and glowed when sensed the happiness by his side
They agreed to create memories of life time to fantasised
All of it would flee with blink of an eye , he predicted it but she was was in denial
She infused her effots to block the downfall, was defeated by the strength of the srround
Did not surrender and budged briskly, saved her world but with visible ruptures
Realised being firm than himfom within she chose to knock the door from the past
Envelope in the blanket of darkness, she felt her heart release her soul at ease
SB Jan 2018
Tik-Tok Tik-Tok the clock's are about to strike 12'o clock
Time is running so the elves are hurrying
The nice list is double checked so the wishes are exact
The gifts are wrapped filling up the giant red sack
The sledge is sparkling resembling the brightest star
**! **! **! startled the crowd, elves on toes rushing to the hideout
Gazing at the fat man in black boots wrapped in white fur on red coat
The red nose Rudolph lead the path countless halts as they depart
Presents are happiness passed fore dawn
One last task before he is gone, here is your gift wrapped in smiles
Cherish it till he visits next time
The bell on his hat jingling along making Christmas merrier for all
SB Nov 2017
Coffee dates, movie nights and ice cream treats on lonely streets was there thing they shared
Now it only happens in her sleep only replacing her night mares
SB Nov 2017
He thought he was not worth her
She thought she did not deserve him
Few years later they vowed to be together
SB Nov 2017
She was shattered like a broken glass... yet a perfect role model for the world
Perfect at pretending...
SB Oct 2017
It was revealed to me that dreams do come true
Since then I would feel them with open eyes
I always worked to be the finest and unbeatable
Every time I struck goal the world would echo my name
Folks and friends always proud to cheer from the crowd
Badges and trophies were the souvenirs of my crib
I shone the brightest in my tiny galaxy
I could view my fearless luck walk towards me
All I had to do was jump up high to touch the sky
Without second thought I ran to grab it all
Unable to sight the hurdle on the path I fell hard
Clustered the scrap of me stood strong and promised not to dream again
In seconds my cosmos turned dim and earless
When I capitulated everything a pal held my hand
Re-routed me to my course sung lullaby for me to dream again
Mentored to take tiny step one after another crawled and walked along
Have to shape my dreams into existence because one day my broken dreams won't be broken anymore
SB Oct 2017
A little fellow is delusional about saving the world
Just when he is about to be his hero
A usual alarm distracted him
A familiar character emerged to disrupt his mission  
Soon he grasped it is his mother asking him to rise
and he battles himself to part from his favourite rug
Not glad about his victory dragged himself to be groomed
The minute cold water dashed his face
A blare seized his attention he recognized the petrichor
He flees from his spot in eager beamed through the french windows at the mist
Slashed the azure, gushed through the blues
Edge of the gateway his mum spotted elation in his eyes
A hope desired in pair as both shared the exact expression
He is pulled off the scene to be prepped
The overcoat and the boots are out to be used
His smirk displayed how overjoyed he is viewing his blue tiny feet
Anticipated to relish the mist he clutched his mum's pinky
Escorted towards the field skipped a step or two
Arrived at last he felt heaven touched his soul
Without further buzz, he ducked his mum and rushed like the mist
Bouncing and splashing all over, the puddles are scooped and danced in too
Sand angels everywhere turned the lay into a fairyland
His sensed unable to describe the affection
Drenched by the pour yet wants to relish till drained
Even without a Kodak time is captured in mind
By the queen positioned beneath the red umbrella witnessing the precise wish for the two
The rain committed to accomplishing the rainbow till extinct
At farewell, faith is a gift leftover for both
Expected to fall in before long
The season cherished the most
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