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DuBray Jul 29
There was a wham
Who bolt a dam
With a ram

He rode a scorse
Of course
All cowhams do

The sky was ranger blu
So tru
Witty bits of wind

You understand me
As I change the spelling
So why write right?
  Jul 29 DuBray
Rhea Sheilah
We make mistake
and fall for the wrong people
and we give them our all

when they leave,
we almost don't remember ourselves before them
we blame ourselves for that..

it is not our fault
that we are genuine, passionate and love wholeheartedly
we just fall for wrong people
DuBray Jul 15
A man in a tombstone
On a phone

Waiting passed the dial tone
DuBray Feb 6
A cycle
From drops to solid to drops

Life sometimes I do not
Like your diabolical

But I'll ease into a chair
To study this classical
Life - Icicle
DuBray Dec 2018
Leaf and mist
Like life
Between book pages

Like a candle lit
And human wit
Both move and sit
Like leaf and mist
DuBray Dec 2018
Here I sit


One waitress

Crying to a Queen song

She serves me coffee

I drink then leave

And on my napkin a coffee stain

What is me?
DuBray Oct 2018
Young eyes do not see
They create and pave

Young eyes do not
Instead new intuition

Young eyes do not
They see opening

Young eyes do not
They are full of

But Young eyes grow old
With aged stories told

Tired they fold and open
Ascend then descend

On earth again
With new Young eyes
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