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Mer Lyn Aug 2017
I keep reading old text and such and i literally get chills all over again. I adore so many things about you baby. Your love for your family warms my heart, your hunger to be great lights a fire in me to be great. Your quietness makes me so intrigued and ready to bare my soul. I have never ever wanted someone so badly it scares. But i couldn't even begin to explain how right you feel. You feel so soft it makes my skin cry bc it only wants to be on yours. You taste so good i haven't eaten in days bc nothing is more fulfilling. You have a wit that makes me eager to learn more about cultures, the world, any and everything. I adore ur patience with me, your understanding, the way u comfort me wen im sad and root for me when im happy. You are sunshine i didn't know i needed. Your worth is outta this world baby. This place needs more dreamers, more lovers, more smiles. I am happy everyday i get to laugh with you. Keep growing and keep living the best life you can baby bc its only the beginning.

— The End —