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StarkHeart Aug 2017
Did you poison my brain
Was it your wish I go insane
All along your desire
While my skin burned
Lit on fire
While my lips bleed
Never ending need
To hear your voice
To catch your smile
There's not a net big enough to capture you
To not know where I fit in another's life, that hurts.
StarkHeart Jul 2017
I'm starting to hate you now
I can only hope it sticks
The little cracks in my heart
are asking for a fix.
If it last a little longer
I might meet me again.
I might remember how to laugh.
I might remember how to win.
I might remember I'm not chained
To your changing standards of cool
I might remember how to behave
How to not be such a fool
The prospect is delightful
The thought is so sublime
The venom made me insightful
But now I've done my time
I want to throw my crystal ball
Against a wall
See it shatter
What does it matter?
Hate didn't last after all.
I have no talent for hate. It would make life easier.
StarkHeart Jul 2017
Her yoga pants cover up her feet
She stretches out and breathes deep.
She's a grown woman in child's pose
She sits up straight when she's not walking tall
She can't see anything out in the real world,
Even with her third eye
Ideas born from people watching
StarkHeart Jul 2017
What would I say if I could talk to you all the time?
Would I tell you everything that's on my mind?
Would I tell you I miss you so, so much?
Would I tell you my skin screams out for your touch?
Would I tell you I read your old notes every day?
I think not, I wouldn't want to ruin our game.
Does he or doesn't she
It's always the same.
You need nerves of steel to play to win
You can't give up
You can't give in
It's almost stopped being fun at all
Waiting and watching for someone to fall
Not sure what to say about this, it's about staying hidden, in the light of day.
StarkHeart Jul 2017
If I run away
for just a day
Would that give you what you crave?

The endless need to hunt your prey...
To conquer, to rule, to have your way
Is that the only way you thrive
Constant state of overdrive?

The thrill of the chase...
Your own special grace.
I sink in it like a bath
But it won't save you from my wrath
It won't take you there
You will not be spared

I will mark you for revenge
The needle will singe
This tattoo won't fade
From my blood it is made.
The story hasn't changed in thousands of years.  It probably never will.
Men love the chase.
StarkHeart Jul 2017
I'm hidden away like ****
Is it shame or
Is it scorn?
That keeps me under lock and key.
We go out and face the doom.
Our only witness is the moon.
Is this all we ever get,
Hiding in the open air,
as if we have the years to spare?
Swallowing tears until we might drown
Both to tired to face the truth,
Pretending we didn't waste our youth.
Doesn't erase the lines on our face
Or the lies in our hearts
Sadness when we part
Madness when we share a space
Where  exactly is our place?
Right man, wrong time.
StarkHeart Jun 2017
Here you are calling again
Or is it your ghost,
commanding the wind?
Let me down easy.
I don't want to boil over
and burn your skin.
I dream of pleasing you
then wake up again
Knowing it's hopeless
A battle I won't win,
You bring out your big gun
To shoot me down again.
You pull the trigger but no one scores.
Perhaps you need a new weapon of choice?
To control the me that has no voice.
It was just the one time I lost my way.
I got lost in your maze.
Now I'm stuck there it seems
No way out
Except in my dreams
Inspired by someone with big weapons, with a shout out to Joan Baez for Diamonds And Rust
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