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Sometimes the people we need the most are closer to us than we think.
***** you. The other day, you were kind enough to notice that I was in pain, you asked what was wrong and said you were there for me. That if I ever needed to vent but didn't have anyone to vent to. So I did. I opened up. I reached deep within my aching soul and told you everything that was bothering me. And ever since, people keep on laughing at me. As if i'm a bigger freak then I was before or like i'm a pathetic looser who makes up lies so people will pay attention to me. So this is what I get for opening up? then guess what? that's the last time I ever open up to any of you.
**** happens, and it's the ones who expect it the least, that get hit the hardest.
You like to keep to yourself, nobody gets to close. But i'm hoping one day soon, i'll be the first to see your true colours. We've been hanging everyday for a week or two now, and i've fallen in love with everything about you. Yeah baby, i'm a fool for you. I've waited all my life to find a love that feels this right so tell me what I have to do to officially call you mine.

— The End —