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TumorGuy Oct 2013
there's no magic
there's just hope
there's no death
there's just peace
there's no pain
there's just pretension
there's no suffering
there's just redemption
there's no luck
there's just belief
No there's nothing
there i am
TumorGuy Oct 2013
a second to begin with
another minute to think wild
many hours to ponder pain
a bad day has passed us by
no week left uncherished
every month our hopes collide
one year i said goodbye
no decade has sworn to try
give me a century to reckon love
i am yours forever
TumorGuy Oct 2013
missile testing
self delution
battered women
battered chicken
cracked skulls
ugly dolls
falling rocks
flying ducks
ID photos
dying fellows
your face
the name GRACE
elephant snout
few of the many
things to be
miserable about
TumorGuy Oct 2013
put me to sleep dear valerie
quench me with dreams so sweet
kiss me goodnight dear valerie
i'll wake up with cold feet
let's dance in trance dear valerie
held up in the sky so high
take my hand dear valerie
let's march toward the blue sky
stun me wih love dear valerie
i long to feel that warm delight
mend the bond dear valerie
you make the wrong seem right
TumorGuy Oct 2013
flesh and bones are casted out
feed the vessel with soul to sprout
linger in the vastness of will to live
to see the sun set what will you give?

there is evil in every tale
sing a song with hands full of ale
with great power comes mockery
great lands corrupted in poverty

rusty chains that men fortify
along ****** trails none can justify
great pain plague a noble army
a sacrifice forgotten by many

are we not the king's men?
ready to charge at a lion's den
courage forged in fear and nobility
dying to live, that's certainly
TumorGuy Oct 2013
To give up without a fair fight..

Is like being killed in the dead night
A cat ran over by a ten wheeler truck
A man playing gulf when a lightning struck
Poor mouse caught in a trap
Climbing a weathered tree and snapped
Failing an exam two or three times
Placing your hands in a reeking slime
The sea came crushing in your castle
Waiting in the line with all the hustle
Unpayed bills gives all the trouble
Cruising the Atlantic lots of wobble
Ugly presents during Christmas
Pretending you have no neck mass
I could go forever as i wrote
All i need is one Antidote
TumorGuy Oct 2013
Grinding, halting, soon be nothing
Barking, mocking, blankly staring
Striking, jolting, endless weeping
Aiming, hoping, nobody's helping
Falling, Flying, all seems failing
Psyching, mourning, almost dying
Grasping, Feeling an unwanted feeling
Melting, forgetting, old days warning
Seeking, wanting a fresh beginning
Succeeding everything in the making
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