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  Jan 2017 True Passion
Allen Robinson
Ever changing you are
as you increase and decrease with time
Your shape has always intrigued me
loving each and every subtle curve
The dynamic way your dress moves
caressing your "BODY" as my fingers often dream
Often I long to taste your silky smooth skin
with a fragrance that can drive any man wild
"BODY" of a goddess pressed close against mine
we blend together in ultimate bliss.
for V
  Jan 2017 True Passion
Allen Robinson
Slapped into the restraints
of a blissful romance
literally captured by love

Respectfully overstated
but never under diminished
feelings of lasting amore

Sentenced to life without
possibility of separation
unity is bonded forever.
for V.
  Jan 2017 True Passion
Allen Robinson
I think of you as the moon is high
large and full as my heart is for you

Bright it gleams for all to view
crisp is the night I long to be in your arms

Perfume emanates from the curvatures of your frame
as the essence of you arouses my senses

My thoughts wander up and down your body
my hands claim all they can with a sensual touch

Do you feel it... the chemistry, the heat and passion
once bottled and now unleashed only for you.

For V.
  Jan 2017 True Passion
Allen Robinson
Face 2 face
we engage
deep ocular
peering into
one another's
love lost souls
clamoring for
endless affection
An ear whisper
sparks passion
sensual and soft
warm breath
raises neck hairs
veins to release
carnal blood flow
Alert and aware
touching ensues
as it always does
Nature steps in
takes over to
For V.
  Jan 2017 True Passion
Allen Robinson
You've marked my heart
tattooed with your name

I am eternally yours always
deeply connected as one

Shared thoughts & feelings
together we explore life

Meant to be despite claims
and obstacles to break us

Uplifted through years of
all inspired love we survive

Uncommon is what we have
never doubting our faith.
For V., alias (T.P.)
  Jan 2017 True Passion
Allen Robinson
Bathed in Passion
   I see you clearly
Overwrought with
   stress you shutter
Beguiled I remain
   unwilling to flee
Ever drawn near
   to your inner flame
Out paced by you
   I often struggle
Managing my will
   I bleed for you heart
Fallen to carnal lust
   I yearn for your body.
For V.
True Passion Jan 2017
Love for you
Is as simple
As it gets.
My first try at x10 people speak of.
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