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Nov 2012 · 1.4k
She Sold me Sea Shells
Tristan Claude Nov 2012
I’ll stay alone,

My eyes twist and twitch,
From place to place,
From this beauty to that
Beauty to the next beautiful ugly thing,
And my smile irritates me,
As much or more than any other matter,
I left you when you loved it,
The noisy smile, not far from my eyes,
Yet lately so far from sight,
I hate to hear it and the memories
It recalls, so I drown myself
In half smiles and music,

A few shots for the flu,
A shot or two, and a note
Signed and spattered with truth,
Countless shots to forget you were mine,

So many people say the worst goodbyes,
Are the ones never said,
I can’t help but dissagree,

Tell me you aren’t coming back,
Say this isn’t really goodbye,
Let me know it’s just, bye.
So many people say the worst goodbyes,

Tattoo with a paint brush,
It’s a curious thing,
It seems so many have tattoed
Strokes of thought upon me.
And you’ve peeled back flesh and bone,
To lay black ink upon my heart,

I’ll drink up shadows,
And the red of my veins,
Let the black fill my arteries,

And drink away another day, in memory of your name.
Oct 2012 · 580
Thin Air
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
Am I alive,
Or just a simple life,
These veins are seeping,
With every beat of this heart,

Tear me apart, and feel this ink leave stains,
Wake up in this hospital bed,
White washed walls, and a constant,
Rainy day in the back of my head,

My hands are empty, I keep grabbing the air,
It feels like I'm tied down,
And I wonder what's keeping me here,

The beeps from that machine, the stutters,
That quick speech and how it slows down,
It seems to say what my mind tries not to think,
As I search for something, and find my palm,
My hand tightening as I try to hold what's not there,

Has this become my home, my heart is here,
Though I seem to forget that it beats, it beeps,
It's just a muscle now, not a messanger of any sort,

I'm beginning to wonder if you read the paper,
And not just headlines, all of the paper,
If you'd remember a name, and who's it was,
If maybe you'd spend a day, or even half of one,
With that name and that person in your head,

I'm beginning to wonder if I can be a part of your life,
Stop these beats, and vacate this room,
Leave that machine with one last sigh, a long sigh,
I hope you read the paper,
More specifically,
The memorials.
Oct 2012 · 1.4k
Ears, Ringing and Wringing
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
Help me, before I fall apart,
I need you to stay okay,
So I don't jump this moving train,
The clock ticks, and I lose myself,
Beats drop, and I sullenly fall,
If you hit the ground,
It feels that I'll hit beneath it,

Oh you've got me, painting the walls with blood,
It's like the crows keep leaving my head,
As if it's a simple corpse left to rot,

One, two, three four. Despair.
It's a little little melody, seeping through the cracks.
Do you leave the lost and dead behind,
Will you leave me here, screaming with desperate pleas,
I beg you, don't leave me behind, but if you do,
Take my breaths away, they are too much,
I am afraid, afraid that these lungs,

These lungs are filled with all the breath they want,
They sigh, and ask for no more, linger the last quick breaths,
Swallow this pride, and swallow these goodbyes,
Let go of these hands, grasping empty air,

Hello, did you have anything you wanted to say,
I am this nothing, swimming under the currents,
Or maybe I'm just drifting, without breath,
Turning this water into red,

Break these ribs, one by one, and see what's behind them,
This cage holds little, I am no delicacy,
A simple question, if you'll let me be,

A shovel and a box, and a stone left above me.
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
I've been leaving you messages in my sleep,
And I wonder if you ever get them,
Do you ever hear me flying by in stunt planes,
Puff puff puff, leave you a little message in the smoke,
You set my veins on fire, and I can't help but inhale,
I take what I can get, your smile's a syringe full of sun,
Take a bit out, and now I can breathe,
Put a bit in, and now I can actually sleep,
Give me another name, and I'll love you all the same,
You've stained my lips, Mona Lisa doesn't sing songs,
But if she did, they'd sound like you feel,
An hour beside me seems like a minute,
Minutes after you go, I wonder the month,
Should I call you miss Aorta, take what's left,
Thump, and make it all feel so right,
Balloons fly away, and for a moment we've all got open eyes,
Look around and it's all so sweet, don't let it fall,
You've left my lips stained, with a colour I don't want
to go, stay, like a warm winters breeze,
like a warm winters breath, stay like these memories,
The ones here, and the ones that haven't quite arrived yet,
Ribs will laugh, eyes will sigh, lips will sing,
I may not be sane, might be crazy, but I see what I see all the same,
If you were a pendant, a necklace of sorts, I'd wear you everywhere,
Paris to Poland, a sight to see wherever I go,
If I was a professional day dreamer, we'd be rich and run away,
and walk away, and dance away, and kiss in the rain,
You're espresso to a little twitch of the lips.
Oct 2012 · 1.9k
No More Expectations
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
Sick fluttering sullen imagination, I can call you a safe house no more,
You are a diseased heart, acidity burned into your beating flesh,
Tears heard as screams, from the mouths of tortured smiles grasping at the air,
As a sun, set still with jazzy oranges flying in every direction,
You are so still, but move as the twitches, of a silent shock treatment gone wrong,
Tick tock, I can not hear the time pass by, thunderstorms without rain, full of crimson fog,
With this electricity in my veins, I wonder if this is blood I hear, or acid and tar,
My legs move as weights upon tongues that can not speak truthful words, awake but so slowly asleep,
Burning and left black as night, the dripping blood of these eyes that have been open too long,
I am tied down to a chair where I see the same image upon every view, the lips that whisper,
These lips sting a sour poison to see the side of my ears, and tighten ropes,
My neck screeches, hands as squirming spiders flee but squish into armrests that are nothing but pain itself,
Dreams drift, not as monarch butterflies, but as insects upon a corpse, my lingering joy rots into the air,
This reality is but a nightmare, nothing as the films with kissed upon cheeks and moments with eyes that smile,
Grins that open wide through cheekbones and lips a light with amorous memories stained upon them,
What do I trust, the dreams with my mind open, or the reality with my eyes open, eyelashes scratching against me,
There is an itch upon the words, like matches that ignite these terror filled moments, an ivy twisted itch,
I fall into a hope, as deep as the warmth beneath the earth, a wish to keep sleeping,
To be dragged into an eternal heat of dreams that seem more normal than mobid reality, a sense of normalcy,
Sweat surrounds me, I am coated with a layer of fear, swung up against reality, awakened from a night terror,
Am I back, back to see and hear kind voices through unfaltered velvet lips, am I here again, not in paradise,
But am I back, to hear the touch upon my skin, the scratch of teeth tenderly with whispers of sunlit joy,
Here again, not paradise, but not a kin to hell, let me stay, and not fall my eyelids shut again,
Please, I could beg you, I live for these sights, of lilac, rose, and gladness, breaths sweet with candied wind,
Help keep these eyelashes from meeting and staying together, strangle this ungodly imagination, keep it from sleep, keep it awake, and don't let it breathe.
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
So, my lips feel so distant, I keep drinking, but they are kept dry,
Lust, amorous screams in these silent words, my eyes have been tattooed,
These spheres of sight have been stained with your beauty, and the rest of me,
I can beg you, stain my hands, and my breath, my whispered words,
Time is not as simple as yesterday and tomorrow, I can not let it be yesterday,
Waiting for tomorrow, I forget where tomorrow is so I must imagine that smile,
With every today that is graced upon my sides, from my ribs to my jaw,
Tears while you smile, and I love that tasteful flavour, the taste of a smile,
What covers teeth, and sings songs so near to my voice that I can not hear them,
I feel these songs, for these crooked lips I would give, my most important organs,
My life, brain, lungs, heart. Passion, thoughts, this breath of mine,
And a melody of beats, the left side of these ribs long for a landscape.
I sit, and lie down, as a feeling slips through me, an infection slithering as a snake,
My body, and this red, scarlet, pulsating thought felt mind longs for a portrait,
Curves in infinite angles, my blessed glances pray you are all they would see,
Lips to lips, collarbone to tail bone, let pleasure tend my kisses,
I'd give a lot to travel, the curves of home, and fall asleep to a breath,
A breath, a heartbeat, and a voice I will do to, as time ticks, be nearer.
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
So I had a dream,I was in a room, and it was white,
A simple honest white, no off whites, no slight greys,
It was just that room and a phone, and myself,
Nothing more, nothing less, quite plain and simple,
I had feelings, and I had a feeling, that I was waiting,
I was waiting for something and hoping for something,
It took me time to figure it out,
There was an irratiting clicking that would not stop,
Not until I figured out those thoughts and where they went,
The clicking was a clock, an old clock, and it stopped,
When I realized I was waiting for a call,
From this phone, and from your voice,
A voice so familiar and so far, comforting and breaking all the more,
It would catch me off guard, and it would swim through my body,
Your voice would crawl between my veins and hold onto my bones,
I would wake up, your voice would wake up these veins,
Warm up these bones with pitch and pretty tones.
So I had this dream, and the white blinded me,
And like a pen with the most smooth and solemn letters,
The silence wrote a sad story upon me.
Oct 2012 · 507
Boats and Birds
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
She was a shipping yard,
Covered in snow and ice,
Her words broke apart in many ideas,
They shattered and fell,
To a ground of many pieces,
Cold waters and cold stares,
They kept her up and they kept insomnia,
As if upon a leash of little length,
Ideas and misplaces sentences grouped together,
They formed dreams that made her and,
The victims of her social stories, wonder,
Wonder and wander of a cause for such immagination,
Her boats, her ships, her plans of improvement,
They all seemed to bend with the test of time,
A spent and splendid, waiting and living,
Living for the fresh breaths that come with stale sea air,
Waiting for another foreign hello, and a local hello,
Sending thoughts, and sending gifts, all with a certain,
Very curious price, a file in a folder, she waited,
Tedious excitement and the glowing eyes of everyone else,
The smiles and the nods, as she went on her way,
She was a way from here to there,
And she was happy with her seas, her sometimes snow, and her sometimes ice.
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
To think, a thousand worlds can collapse upon me in yet another day dream,
I believe I've imagined you so many times,
A mere silhouette, dancing and crying upon countless backdrops,
You have become an ever constant inspiration,
A butterfly, much more like a moth,
Eating away at the sheets that keep an unimportant sanity intact,
Will I ever come back to you?
A clock can say an infinite many things, and it can tell so many more,
So I listen, and your memories that I may barely touch,
Will always be in words touching a grey scale sunset,
The value in that, is however a thought makes it out to be,
Upon your dreams, I hope a moonlit sky might leave many footsteps,
So seeing, where they went, you'll see where they came from and where they got,
Follow dancing feet, and sing with lines that give root to ancient trees,
And beautiful fruit that make us all forget about the rest,
Will keep us in remembrance of you.
Oct 2012 · 967
Blurring Scenery
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
Who are you,
Spending curious kisses,
You leave your eyes on me,
And I wonder why they stay,
You spend the hardest words like currency,
Buy yourself a thousand thoughtful glances,
Train yourself, like just any other animal,
To think everyone is always smiling,
Day dreams,
Stay in your head,
What is it all worth, another moment,
Lets just keep this imagination going,
As though this world, and all those others,
Is just so unimaginable perfect,Everybody is fixed, not a single problem,I swear,Someone would give you the world,But you've got yours.
Oct 2012 · 639
The seas and your singing
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
The bells ring and the churches seem to bring,
Shadows and light, and countless mumbled prayers,
Nobody is listening, so what have you, go ahead,
Pray for, send, for answers,
They all pray, they, you, us.
Find yourself in rainforest chants,
Will the rain come tonight or tomorrow?
Pray for quick feet, and your,
Shadow follows,
Lusting after every step, every light,
And when you escape,
All light it follows,
It engulfs, it devours, it drinks and it tastes with sharp teeth.
You beg, with looks in either direction,
Fear breaks from your breath,
It falls in tears, streams down hills of cheekbones,
River these memories, as it eats you from inside to out,
Where is your soul, when you want to see it in the mirror,
And all you see,
Features, pieces, words, glimpse, glance,
Breathe in and gasp, for air and for peace,
An anxious, attack from within you,
Did you know you had it?
That screech, from the chalk board, from your nails, from your thoughts that revolve around you,
Where are your footprints when you look back,
It's an ocean, it's a beach of sand.
And you'll want to count ever speck, every pebble, every rock, every boulder,
And drown before
You hear your voice,
or anybody else.
Oct 2012 · 453
Some address, some place
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
The taste of tears has got itself a reputation,
Oh goodness I'd like to go home,
But where is home, where can I find it,
I'd love to meet it next door,
I wouldn't mind being neighbours,
Knock on it's door, exchange hand shakes or kisses,
Well, hello, who are you,
That's nice, but I'm sure my heart won't call you that,
Oh home, with your sheets that smell like,
Heaven, but not quite,
Like they should, like they always should,
Home, where your smile just bounces of the walls,
Come back to me home,
Or stay where you are, you're perfect, home,
But you're terrible and you're flawed,
And I just want to wrap myself in you,
You have your reputation,
And those beautiful lies, that you make up every time we have guests,
Look me in the eyes, or look me anywhere,
Or take me, or give me, or hate me, or love me,
But if only I could find you, and just walk next door,
Bathe in your sunshine,
And slip in your muddy midnight slime,
Hello home,
Goodbye home,
I hope you know where you are, and I wish I did.
Oct 2012 · 362
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
Smile for me once more,
I'll grasp the air,
Look upon that beauty,
And hope for eternal dreams,
Oh but dreams,
I lust for dreams,
Not those nightmares,
Don't walk away,
Wait just a little longer,
Until my eyelids retire,
Stay a few more minutes,
An hour if i'm lucky,
And look at me please,
Until this chest of mine,
Loses every care I've had,
Smile, and smile with tears if you must,
A lifetime I can live,
In every smile of yours I see,
So, I beg you please,
Smile lots,
Before my lifetime leaves.
Oct 2012 · 597
Crooked Shelter
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
Her beauty, could be measured by the imperfections she saw,
It could be measured by the countless moments she places in others hands,
Some simple moments that some wouldn't think much of at all,
I could not measure her beauty, even if I wanted to,
I could not say that she is as beautiful as the first time a child walks,
Or the innocent singing of a young girl without a care in the world,
she might be as beautiful, as the sun set itself,
Or maybe the birds, that sing angelic songs without any clue that they do,
Why should I want to compare her beauty, to any other,
She is not worth comparison, she is worth an incomparable truth,
of beauty unlike others, more beautiful and less,
Her beauty is hers, and with it such a world of possibilities.
Oct 2012 · 679
Lactose and Longing
Tristan Claude Oct 2012
She had me pushed up against a wall,
And so many wishes fell a part,
I could not count the thoughts that left me,
Nor could I count or comprehend the way I felt,
I could grasp and guess at it,
As though some moonlit, angelic, breath had wrapt itself
around my neck, in such a lifely grasp,
Nothing that could ****, but everything that could do the opposite,
She told me a story, and so many other stories that I can not remember
with lips, such imperfect lips, and such hard hitting silence,
Against this wall, it was another life, another living, a dream
Inside places, worldy, unimaginable places that can only exist
in moments, everything leaves you but a graceful moment.

Memories of perfect moments, stop themselves
against mindful windows and scenery, landscapes, and lovely melodies,
They pin themselves so tragically against against a fate that will be forgotten,

I am grateful, and in a dreary storm of longing
for these moments full of perfection, are stuck with smiles
archived and buried upon themselves,
To reach and grasp, empty handed, convinced and frightened,
I reach out for something, quite the something,
That, can no longer be reached out for.
Oct 2011 · 459
Crossed The River
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
I thought this up last night:

She left, crossed a river,
Didn't come back,

I fed it with my tears, let the currents grow strong

Everyday I'd think,
Everyday I'd call,

I tried to build a bridge to get to her,
I did,
I ran, I jumped, I crawled to get to her.

She kept on walking,
Didn't notice my running,

I fed it with my tears,
Sides began to errode,

I forgot to call,

The river only got higher,
It grew faster and the bridge began to fall,

My heart tried to leave me a message,
Like I gave her messages every once in a while.

It told me she was gone, it said that she left,
The river was too strong,

It only got stronger, with every tear,
It grew bigger,
It grew faster,

With every thought that hit my mind,
I didn't know what to do,

Where has my heart gone?
Did it fall into the river?
Did it fall into the river?

Washed away with all the tears,
All the dirt,
All the sticks,
All the stones,
All the bones,

My heart lost it's home,
On the other side of the river,
She took it away,
My heart, she stole it

My body went through withdrawal,
Without a heart, what can you do?

I learn't to live with it, eventually I crossed the river too.

But not for long,
I fell apart,
It's impossible to live without a heart,

My tears fell hardest,
The river became a sea,
An ocean

Impossible to cross,
You took my heart and tore me apart,
You left,
Without it, I cried, I died,

Divided by the current,
I faded away.
Oct 2011 · 585
My Stone Heart
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
Sadness speaks,
Like your smile that never sleeps,
While I lie awake,
And I remember your eyes,
That grab and twist,
My falling heart,
And I leave and look,
As you melt when no one’s looking,
Consume an empty mind,
With thoughts like ice,
In the cracks of diamond rock,
Breaking me apart,
Destroying my sullenly dying heart.

Fix a ticking clock that never ticks,
Melt this rocky soul,

Like a smile from the living dead,
A world without dreams.
Oct 2011 · 376
Sweet Misery
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
Listen to the words,
Read them like you're supposed to know the back of your hand,
Be truthful though,
You know the back of his more than yours,
A bit, more than a bit, harder than a tender caress,
What happened to your dreams?
What happened to promises, vows,
Smiles, memories and what you planned on becoming,
Do the tears drown the pain?
And when you walk down the street,
With a bruise on your cheek,
And a masked on smile,
Do you think they believe you?

Close your eyes,
And wake up.
Oct 2011 · 827
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
I'd keep every promise you'd make me make,
But what have you ever asked for?
And I keep wishing you'd ask for the world,
And then I'm afraid if you did,
I couldn't get it,
Planned it out, peice by peace,
I think, I thought,
How I could get you the world,
From the biggest to the the smallest,
Doesn't matter what kind of promise,
You say you don't have what you need?
What the **** do we need?
To breathe,
And we all need a heart to breathe,
Say your hearts lost, and I don't care any more,
You've got mine, and who the hell needs two hearts?
We aren't aliens and we aren't octopi or squid,
And we aren't worms either, they don't even have hearts,
Sometimes we all seem heartless though,
Forget to breathe, faint a little inside,
Hope is hard to catch,
It'll take you a while, if you haven't done it before,
Like catching a butterfly, it'll take some time,
But once you realize the beauty you have in your hand,
You'll let it loose,
You gave me a butterfly, and I wish I could give it back,
But I let it loose,
And I'm beginning to think,
I lost it.
Oct 2011 · 447
Wants and Needs
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
Smile wont you please,
I'll beg on my knees,
You wont see me here on the grass or on the street,
Alone sittin on  my knees,
But you got a promise,
And a trust you'd only get from me,
And I know they just sound like words,
Letters, symbols, not that much,
But these words are thoughts,
And thoughts can tell so much,
A picture, movie, even life,
So let these thoughts be true and those muscles twitch,
So I can give meaning to this life.
Oct 2011 · 684
End Me
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
I guess I had my arms on wrong,
My heart upside down,
I just wanted to hold you,
I didn’t want to see you frown,
I guess I had my eyes looking the wrong way,
Just wanted to see your eyes clear of tears today,
Maybe it isn’t so simple, maybe my ribs don’t protect
Much at all, maybe I could be hopeful,
Maybe I just want an end,
A nice quick fall.
Oct 2011 · 412
Pass Out
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
Crimson colored dreams,
Tears and thoughts,
Screams and crying out through reality,
How far can I go,
How deep will I fall,
And how much will I be caught,
When the rain is pouring,
The clouds dark grey,
So many die every day,
Sometimes we must escape,
And I will be sharply escaping,
Quick steps from side to side,
Grit my teeth until the wind subsides,
But it comes back in chills,
Frozen distractions,
I will escape, wait a day,
And come back,
When the lights dim down,
Oct 2011 · 453
The Forest
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
Come talk with me for a while,
Lets do acid in the rain,
We can sing to the people who aren’t there,
See some sounds, dance with the clouds,
Come stab me in the heart, with your fist full of confetti,
Lets scream like we would in nightmares,
Move our bodies as Truth’s smile walks,
He comes and he goes and he makes the breaths
Making boat rides even more unsteady,
Take away my food and I’ll still run
Take away my wings and I’ll still fly,
Give me a drink or three,
Open my eyes
And we’ll talk to the trees.
Oct 2011 · 516
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
Not many were there,
When I decided to go,
They said they'd be sad when I left,
So, many let me go,
I never left, never let them go,
Hands and hearts lose touch,
Fear the worst,
And I'm falling apart,
Nobody wants to hold on to a nightmare,
Nobody cares for the sun that's barely there,
In evenings we scream with our eyes shut,
And I wonder where you go,
Where I've been,
Why you're over there,
Not here with me.

Come, spend my heart on living memories,
I fear I've lost myself,
I have lost the moments where we used to be,
In the most empty suroundings I leave my dreams,
Dreams of tragedy, worst death of lovers voice,
Having to walk a mile is nothing if I'm going,
But this is such a hell, when I'm leaving,

Each day, spending lost breaths and notes of melancholy melody,
I had the blood under control,
Never thought the hardest memories, would fall as a gun to my heart,
Control seemed in my hands,
Until I felt my eyelids faint,

Of lips as tired, of minds worked on from angels telling,
I thought I saw our hope,
So I ran after the rain,
And the clouds of destruction that seemed to follow right behind,
I missed your life,

And you found me, at the edge of the highest place our eyes had seen,
The highest place most eyes would ever wish to see,
Gasping for breath,
And seaching every eye I saw, for a reason to breath.
Oct 2011 · 685
Be Home
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
Calm down,
It's all right,
I'll be home tonight,
Calm done, love,
You're okay, we're okay,
I'll be back, and if you see me there,
Always by your side, it's okay,
Every step I take away,
I know I'll be back again,
Tears are the worst when I'm not around,
I would drown in your tears,
If I could not make them leave,
And I would write you a sonnet,
If I couldn't make you smile,
It's okay love, we're okay,
I'll be home tonight.
Oct 2011 · 633
I beg you, let me sleep
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
In these garden dreams,
Find me looking for you,
As the flowers grow, my heart wilts for your voice,
I am stuck, as my hope fallen so low,
Teach me how to cry, sadness skips that step,
Like a storm without a wind,
but destruction left behind,
You are the her in the songs I wish I could serenade,
If it were simple I'd say she were the sun,
or she was the hope where obstacles were ignored,
As the elegant jette, with thoughts that make my eyes look like they were gliding,
She is the her in the stories,
You are the day dream in my,
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
'Till death do us part,
Let's hope that's not too soon,
And when we feel like we're falling,
Lets hope we don't hit too hard,
It takes a lot of hope, and it takes a lot of hell,
When you're always lost, you can barely call it lost at all,
Who I am doesn't matter,
When they want who I'm not,
It's like someone committing suicide you didn't know,
Sometimes you're more interested when they're gone,
Less so when they're here,
People get so sad when you're gone,
Not a smile at all though, while you're here,
You want to hear their voice, talk all night,
When they come along, tongue's as heavy as heart,
Not a word comes out, and then they're gone,
The abyss of searching for what's worth finding,
Find something worth finding, and as a warm winters breeze,
Never will it stay, like following your shadow,
Once you realize how to make it stay,
The sun sets, and it does not rise again,
Don't need a phone number, postal code or address at all,
Sometimes the best things don't come, they often go,
The grandest dreams turn into nightmares in their absence,
Wonderful sleep into an insomniac hell,
As the crows all fly away when someone dies,
It's simple, and it's really quite plain,
Forget your nerves and your memories, and try to forget the pain.
Oct 2011 · 424
Beaten on the Streets
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
Leaving these cities,
Looking for open hearts,
I seem to find ashes wherever I fall,
Keep looking at your day glow,
Thinking about your voice and the way
Clouds fall from the sky, and the sky falls from stars,
These birds, and their black wings,
They all fly away when someone dies,
So don't die, don't die around me, I want them to stay,
I want your eyes like the last days of december,
Don't take me for who I say I am, I am just a lie,
Just a lie waiting to happen, happen every night,
You won't find the way the wind hits hillsides in books,
You'll only find it at the hillsides, and in the wind,
Please, don't scream at me, I'm listening to hard,
And it's the rain, that keeps making us slip,
We slide and we fall,
You say you wish  you were mentioned in that suicide note,
All you ever sang were alto goodbyes,
In the sun we thought we had fevers in our hearts,
Maybe you did, my lungs were melting and my breath just left,
I remember the train, alone on the train,
It felt like a room full of dancing moments of people who go everywhere,
Yet I was just alone with those windows,
That never did look back.
Oct 2011 · 880
A Glove Upon That Grave
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
The warmth of her voice touched me like the hand of Juliet, and burn't me like her poisoned breath,
So who am I to give her lies, to take this terror away,
She's got poison and I'll drink my life away, a sip, a bottle, or a lake of drowning truth,
I've got my feet tied to bricks and I've been walking for years, it's above my head,
And this ocean just keeps adding pressure, where is this plain sun that leaves the shadows,
I could say goodbye, and wonder if you'd respond, like a shark to blood, or a tree to a simple breeze,
These ropes are like the sharpest blades, digging in and scraping off these uneventful thoughts,
And maybe a goodbye is out of place, just like these bricks under water,
When maybe in a few days, you'll see a pair of eyes mixed up with fish, a catch that wasn't caught.
Oct 2011 · 523
Restless and Wondering
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
I will be kept a dreamer,
With the thoughts of you, like the midnight stars,
Sail along to the city sounds,
And as the light of your smile rises,
Like the sun upon the horizon,
My inhibitions will be blinded,

Lust and love meet with kind greeting,
A kiss to each cheek with coffee and mint breath,
Longing is the mist upon the lake that is my heart,
Full of early morning thoughts and dried up tears,
Salt as ocean waves, from dreams forgoten,
You poison me with a heart beat that is the city night,

I am what whithered trees talk about in passing,
Of what they have seen and adore to see,
A kiss of bitter sweetness, graceful as my lips bleed adoration,
In the fairest of my thoughts, you dance upon my words,
And if my hands were not so far away, my mind in a shallow pool,
They would be showing what I wish the doves I send could show,

My voice but faulty strings, that pray you listen kindly,
If you stayed so close, so I may hear your breath,
Your thorns would be nothing but gracious reminders,
Of beauty akin to scarllett roses,
I would tell upon those lips,
These million dreams in nightmares shaking hand.
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
As tears shed from the angels that live among us,
Take me as I am, with sorrows that drag along like rabid dogs wanting more,
She and her death goodbyes, I have been dragged down by lungs that can not breathe, my voice wilts, like roses that are beautiful dead or alive,
Without hellos those silent goodbyes could be your last,
These silent hearts slip like the windy gasps from under your breath,
As a blade or a word slipping across this barely covered mind,
My veins walk with passion and leak with seeping sadness,
I try for words but your beauty that wraps itself around my heart tears at the best,
It sinks into the folds of clean sheets, not dirtied by blood and horror,
And threatens the supports of my mind held together as a castle of cards,
Who am I, and who are these nightmares for, the death of love,
And why you left, as we flew you broke my wings and left the skies,
In the sinking words of darkness I found my self with worms and spiders,
Of webs and dirt, woven into broken stories that the gladdest people don’t hear,
Handcuffs of silence cut me apart like a noose of steal wire,
Who is to listen, of minds so silent with so much, and so little heard,
The crows crowd the trees near as if I have died,
And fill others evermore as if you and her have too,
With shadows all about me I feel the need to take them for myself,
Could you save my everything that is only a fist in size,
The beats, and the blood, if it needed words to sooth it’s raging rapids,
Breaths slip, upon ice that is the silence from everything,
I am a lost inspiration, thought forgotten,
Of a song set among the machines of cords and monotonous beeps.
Tristan Claude Oct 2011
I thought you were beautiful,
With eyes that melt me, forest greens and browns,
My thoughts like clouds, don't know where they go, but they go,
And dissapear into magestic sunsets, the colors of blush,
If a mirror saw it's reflection, would it be embarressed,
I've danced with the thought of being here or not,
And she doesn't have the fanciest footwork, this thought,
Or hear the music very well, but she leads,
She leads me so much more than I lead her,
I thought you were beautiful,
It was leaves like those green leaves,
From green to yellow, and down to scarlet red,
My heart forgets to think, as a pianist forgets their place,
And it's melody slows, as your breath breaks the edges,
A sonata, with written letters to oppose it,
I love to travel, from feet to eyes and ears,
Adore, the hills and valleys,
The lips of local songs,
A neck of paradise, wrapped up in anaconda whispers there to stay,
If your smile was a lie, I'd worship treason,
And live for lies,
If goodbyes were hellos, I'd always want you gone,
And if staying means cold and winter winds,
I'll fall, and I'll autumn and I'll never spring to summers heart.
Mar 2011 · 549
Not Just, A Memory
Tristan Claude Mar 2011
You walked into my life for a moment,
Oh, but only a moment,
And what's the pain?
That comes after a simple moment,
Look you in the eyes,
Glistening a reflection,
Of an empty hearted reality,
Just a moment full of glances,
And I can keep thinking out loud,
Or screaming in my mind,
Oh why oh why, couldn't I,
Say a simple, hi hello or hey,
Just glances, and I'm kept,
Thinking about what comes,
For you in the next sunrise,
Crawling on the horizon,
Tears I wish I could kiss away?
Frowns I wish I could flip, any day,
And the way your parents treat you,
And why you wear your make-up the way you do,
Glances and moments,
And the things we wish we never missed,
A drive in movie,
A cup of tea,
An e mail,
A letter,
A wonderful night,
And but kisses never had,
These moments, these glances,
Are at least moments,
So I will let them be,
Shed a tear,
And hope you get to see,
Marvelous reality.
Aug 2010 · 564
That God Damn Smile
Tristan Claude Aug 2010
A smile,
So simple smile,
Keeps me happy,
For such a kind while,
Just a smile,
So much of a smile,
And barely simple words,
Sometimes so far away,
Keep me here to stay.
Aug 2010 · 668
Walking In Clouded Skies
Tristan Claude Aug 2010
You make me smile with the rain,
As it glistens like your eyes,
You are a New York paradise,
With your hips, moving with the sounds of music and voice,
Delicate chocolate and bitter sweet,
Americano coffee with caramel, you keep me awake,
How wonderful, like a revolution,
Love, will make the warrior weep,
Bitter sweet dusk and dawn,
Dead lilacs by the road,
Variety is the spice of life,
And so many are dying,
You make my knees bleed,
And my hips die of greed,
There is no comfort,
When you walked away.
Aug 2010 · 556
Clock that Doesn't Talk
Tristan Claude Aug 2010
Tell me,
Oh won't you please,
What makes you tick,
What makes you talk,
I just wanna hear your voice,
A word or two to tell me,
How to get through to you,
I'll be there,
And I'll be anywhere or everywhere,
For you, and I've a stone tall heart,
Something you can lean on,
So flick your hair to one side,
Or another, and lick your scarlet lips,
I'm here to stay, and I'm here to go,
If you'd like me,
If you want me,
If you need me.
Aug 2010 · 669
Contemporary Statue
Tristan Claude Aug 2010
It's a washboard of broken dreams,
A smile of stars,
Road signs that have never tried to speak,
Can this moonlight engulf us?
Roads tear up what wasn't empty land,
Love is a growing tree, with knots,
And our feet bleed from walking,
Like her heart from all his talking,
Butterflies with extra wings,
With a painful reality, why do the birds sleep while we lie awake?
The stars don't tell much,
But that look on your face,
It sure does.
Aug 2010 · 751
Tristan Claude Aug 2010
It's different when someone else,
Seems to know your face as much as you do,
When they've noticed every perfect imperfection,
These little things that make you so,
Imperfectly perfect,
They slip into your soul,
And you let them know,
You want them there,
And you grab them close,
Let them know you want them close,
And they get to know the rest of you,
Like you do, from a different point of view,
They know your hips,
Like a smile knows lips,
And there becomes a point,
When adjectives describe,
Something we don't need to hide.
Aug 2010 · 571
A Simple Wish
Tristan Claude Aug 2010
I wished for you tonight,
No shooting star,
But when they say it's the thought that counts,
I hope that's true,
Whenever I see the chance,
A fallen eyelash,
Time goes by eleven eleven,
A star through this dark blue sky,
I wish for you as the night or day goes by,
I really do believe,
It's worth a try.
Aug 2010 · 511
Writer's Block
Tristan Claude Aug 2010
It's something called writer's block,
Something I find so hard to stop,
That thing that makes glorious ideas drop,
And I look and look for that one thought,
The pick of the crop,
I hate that ****!
Writers block.
Aug 2010 · 2.8k
Brazil to Russia
Tristan Claude Aug 2010
You can be cool with your leather jacket,
You can be hot with your nice lingerie,
You can be cold with your colorful words,
You can be warm with your kind smiles,
And you can be just right,
With a bit of air conditioning at night.
Aug 2010 · 496
Where We Are
Tristan Claude Aug 2010
Clueless looks,
Of smiles long gone,
Away from me and away from you,
You've got me lost,
Looking for somewhere I need to be,
Someone I need to see,
I've thought of stories,
Places we could be,
From sun set sundays,
Cloudy mondays,
Memories you might want to remember,
And I've looked, past the cloudy skies,
Into your wonderful eyes,
Danced with you in mind,
Moving my feet to the drum,
And your hair, jumping like the fish,
In our lovely lake,
Crystal waterfalls, and sand,
As soft as your skin,
And I just want to,
See you.
Jun 2010 · 588
Winter Haiku
Tristan Claude Jun 2010
Winter sleeps in hearts,
As sighing souls slander through,
Waiting for the sun.
Jun 2010 · 2.5k
I Think She's a Diamond
Tristan Claude Jun 2010
I think she's a diamond,
She thinks she's a stone, pebble in a wide open sea,

I think she's a diamond, I don't know if it's true,

Sharpest thing, she cut my heart in two,

I think she's a diamond,
And I don't know what to do.

They say diamonds are forever,
I sure hope that's true,

You could say i'm the sand,
Walk all over me,
I once looked nice too.

I think she's a diamond, hard to find,

Like a couple looking for the perfect ring, I can't keep this flawless  
diamond off my mind.

I think she's a diamond, I don't know if it's true,

Love is my distraction, and it's keeping me from you.

I think she's a diamond and I don't know what to do,

Her eyes tell so much,
Sapphire blue,
So sad, but true,

Magnetic attraction,
Brittle stones,
Pushed together and pulled appart.

I think she's a diamond

The diamond's hard to find,
Been though a lot,
Dinosaur ****,
Dirt that's hard leave behind.

She's not polished,
She's not flawless,
She's not perfect,

I think she's a diamond,
I know it's true.
May 2010 · 621
Maya's poem
Tristan Claude May 2010
Singing with slippery souls,
We aren’t here for the food, we aren’t here for the flashing lights,
We aren’t here for you,
Oh we are here for us,
So tell me so and bring us into the wild,
Bring us through, and through to the trees that are dieing,
Hit, hit hit and smack, with little whispers that make you think,
I begin to bleed,
And so don’t we all,
I’m not living for you,
I’m not living for us,
Step, front back front side side,
Slippery souls, and the places where we reside,
Drift of drifting fruit and song,
We aren’t here for the flashing lights,
We are here for us,
And you,
The quiet things we do,
Happening chairs in quiet rooms,
Sit with me,
And look and look, mirror,
And into my eyes,
Slippery souls and flashing lights,
Wild, we aren’t here for the food, we’re here for you and us.
May 2010 · 499
Swimming with the sunset
Tristan Claude May 2010
The orange sun yet sets again,
As my drifting thoughts so simply flutter over you,
I can’t help but keep my mind close, and near,
As it seeps through the cracks looking,
For your simple smile, something that could so easily break hearts,
Oh and I see, as all these tiny trees grow inches in the time it takes me to say not even a word,
To you,
And I can’t help but collapse in on myself, like a black hole slowly caving in,
I could name a star, some galaxy, after you,
But then where would I be,
I’m only yet falling, looking for these simple lies that keep us apart,
I’ve got a noose around my every lim and I feel so torn apart,
It’s so much harder getting out, once you’ve already dived in,
And it’s like,
A scary gravity, so strong that I can’t swim up,
I can’t look you in the eyes, for all I see are hopes and dreams,
And my own light, diminished in the dark,
So yet again, I fall appart,
And seep through rough cracks, water breaking rocks apart,
I am but blood dripping down a bland colored wall,
Beloved, and so it seems, like I am of the same thing,
All these things that I blankly stare at, thinking thoughts I’d rather have nightmares about,
No more than move inches and strive for the sun, that falls away every night,
What is day,
When I’ve lost all hope in night?
May 2010 · 596
Moonlit Nightmare
Tristan Claude May 2010
So let me sleep,
Oh let me weep,
And see me cry,
So you can feel my heart,
And feel the quakes,
And the aftershocks,
My empty smiles, telling you my lies,
I will keep my ground, but a standing wall,
So wish I will,
As if I were a sea,
And I could seep into your eyes,
In a raft, sail through your veins,
If I could make your heart, beat faster, with words of my own,
And creek a dreary sound, still making you smile,
Through thoughts and but drifting heart beats,
I can’t sleep at night,
For I’m exhausted by my heart,
That doesn’t let me be,
For you but barely let me run,
After your fleeting gaze, which seems to drop,
When mine begins to rise,
A vase, still empty,
Only wishing to hold you, my flower,
And wishing, only to,
Compliment your beauty,
So velvet,
In this dim moonlight.
Tristan Claude May 2010
They say it's forever,
When you say, I do,
A tradition so different, and yet always the same,
Dress yourself up, in things you'll never wear again,
Give away free dinner to all your friends ,
and your family's friends too,
Make a promise,
That nowadays, not many seem to keep,
'till death do us part,
How cheap...
'till death do us part!
What happened to happily ever after?
Feb 2010 · 807
Pain of time
Tristan Claude Feb 2010
Time keeps passing,
Thoughts keep hurting,
From inside to  out,
Carve a heart in my hand,
Punch the wall,
Physical pain doesn't hurt at all,
But I keep alone,
From hurting another,
Fail sometimes,
For my heart is stuck,
I'm a lover,
Promise to myself,
And I seem to keep,
Everyone, they tell me to and I do,
I can't keep my own,
Hurting from inside to out,
My love,
A dieing joke,
Falling apart,
Wilting flower.
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