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Tricia Trout Jan 2012
Butterfly, whose wings are bent and broken,
Your once beautiful colors now faded and dull.
You lie there, weighed down by words unspoken,
Eyes vacant and empty, but heart so, so full.
Little butterfly, a wreck on the floor,
You can't pick yourself up, not alone.
You need someone to help, someone to open the door,
Someone to fix your wings and take you home.
Fragile butterfly, scared to be left in the dark,
To be left with the urge to bleed.
You want a lovely little mark,
The only sign of your coveted need.
Tricia Trout Dec 2011
I want to look pretty for you,
Even if you don't show.
I want to look pretty for you,
Just so you know.
I want to be perfect for you,
You know I try so hard.
I want to be perfect for you,
But I'm so scarred..
These words are true,
They come from the heart.
These words are true,
Listen please, to every part.
I know you love me,
You show it in many ways.
I know you love me,
But I hate the movies my mind plays...
Tricia Trout May 2011
Swollen knuckles and
Bruised up shoulders,
It hurts me to see him hurt;
Especially with everything
He has to go through.
His eyes are always shadowed
With pain and anger.
He is a Ghost of red,
Living a life of Blood.
He is one of 'mine'
And the way he lives scares me,
Makes me afraid for him.
He fights
With others and himself.
I know him well enough
To know when something's wrong.
Even when he denies it,
I see right through the "I'm fine."
He's never really happy;
Rarely does he smile.
It breaks my heart
To watch him suffer.
I do my best to help
But it's not quite enough.
It's so unfair
For him to deal with all this,
Because he's such a good person
Regardless of the things he's done.
The reasons justify his actions;
He does what he believes is right.
I can tell when he feels
Even a little overwhelmed
Cuz I know his signs of stress.
He's a person who's got your back;
He'll be there for you if you need him.
You can trust him
And count on him to keep his word.
He's one of the best people you could know.
He is Vinny.
for one of my friends. he's got a hard life but he's strong.
Tricia Trout May 2011
I say goodbye to my heart
As it gets torn apart.
All the pieces go to him.
I hope he'll put them together again.
I'll wait for him as long as I need
Because it is for him that I bleed.
Tricia Trout May 2011
Why does this happen?
Can't things just work out for me?
Pretty, pretty please?
Tricia Trout May 2011
Looking at it makes me sad
And I don't know why.
Chills from thoughts of what I had;
I almost want to cry.
But I'm forcing myself to be strong,
And to focus on the light.
Though I don't really belong,
I will win this fight.
I'll hold back the tears
And keep my head high.
I'll push away the fears
And one day I will fly.
Tricia Trout Apr 2011
Dusty shadows,
Darkened windows,
Watching cars go by
In the dead of night.
Deadbolt locked
To haunting thoughts,
Staring off to space,
With an expressionless face.
None of what's inside shows,
Even though an inner storm blows.
Just watching the rain
Slide down the window pane.
Dreary, wet, and cold,
Waiting for someone to hold.
Searching for the warm light
That will bring back life.
I'm not sure why I titled it "Attic." It just seemed right for the poem.
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