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Tom t Apr 2015
With the stars in the sky,
and the shine of the sea,
what can be more beautiful?
But I say, it is thee.

For your smile shines brighter
than the moon glowing on the ocean,
and your eyes possess the fire
that give the stars their devotion.

But what about the sky
and the blue allure that it holds?
I say come take a look at your beauty
once you're wrinkled and old.

Your beauty beats the sky's,
but perhaps not the plains.
I say can they look as graceful
as they dance in the rain?
Can they turn a mans head,
and make him question what is love?
The answer is no,
and that your beauty exceeds all of the above.

But there is a beauty
that cannot be beat.
For it is the smile our baby will have
When we hold him, and tickle his feet.
Tom t Apr 2015
I miss you like
A dying star
Misses it's light
That once made it shine bright

I miss you like
A newborn
Misses its mother
That cries and shakes in fright

I miss you like
A battered bird
Misses it's young wings
That once let him soar in flight

And I miss you like
An old man
Misses his wife
For it is you that gives this old man
An everlasting life
Tom t Apr 2015
Money you fear
Can always be lost
You try and keep your youth and health
No matter what is the cost
You tremble thinking of death
And wonder when your day will come
But love is something you'll never be without
For whom will supply it, is who this poem is from
I'll be your money
For your happiness is my coin
I'll be your health
For in your old age, our hands will be adjoined
And I'll be your life
For death youll never fear
Because I'll always be by your side
Holding on saying "I love you, my dear"
Tom t Feb 2015
For without you,
the night sky is darker then ever,
the stars seem alittle less dazzling
and the Suns light dwindles in the clouds
Tom t Feb 2015
is so confusing
and it doesn't get
any easier
Tom t Jan 2015
the stars shined bright
and the moon
was picture perfect too
but nothing beat the view
I had laying next to you
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